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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 760

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tfrick8 wrote:
I've had two Garmins over the last 10 years. Very reliable!

I agree... over the years I've owned a nuvi 310, 760 & 765T... all were great in there own way... currently I'm using a Nuvifone A50... although it suffers from having a slower processor than the latest batch of android phones, it runs well and punches above its weight... has all the features of the high-end nuvis and was only $199 from Dick Smith unlocked and with lifetime maps... fantastic for travel, I'm in Jakarta at the moment and using it daily with free maps and it hasn't missed a beat... no more rip-offs from sneaky taxi drivers... Surprised)
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Post Re: CSV or GPX - which is better     
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Should I download the basic csv file for POI or use GPX of similar?

I read on this GPS forum that the preferred order of selection is -
1. Garmin GPX
2. Garmin POI
3. Garmin POI GPX
4. CSV

This is because the first choices contain more information than the last choice. e.g. Distance setting, phone number, etc. as well as coordinates.


GPS: Garmin Nuvi 2555

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I have purchased a Nuvi 2555LMT and have found that it takes the supplemental POIs ok, but I did neeed to open the device storage in my computer and delete unnecessary files for other languages and the like to make some room for everything. I look forward to incorporating the data from this site.
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GPS: Garmin 2595 LMT

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Yes I've noticed there's not much internal space on the Garmin 2595LMT.
I've got an MMC 4Gb inserted. Does the "system" automatically start storing onto the MMC once the capacity gets full? or is there a program for using the extra SD card?
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GPS: Nuvi 2595LMT

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True... Better to get at least a 4GB SD/MMC card.
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 2555LM

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Can you put more than one CSV in the POI folder along with its alert and image?
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 765, Garmin 3950LMT, Garmin 2455LMT, Navman40, Garmin StreetPilot 3

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kazakhstar wrote:
Can you put more than one CSV in the POI folder along with its alert and image?

Yes you can. The GPS will let you know when it is full.
You should have plenty of room in the GPS unless you try to add heaps of things that you really do not need.
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi

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I also have a nuvi 2595 and I am a little disappointed at the internal memory storage.
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi

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I have a Nuvi 300. Its 7 years old but works great
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GPS: Garmin nuvi 40

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I just purchased a Garmin Nuvi 40, reconditioned, at Visions on Black Friday, less than 60 bucks. First one. Adding the POI files for road safety is a no brainer.
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT

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Just purchased a new Nuvi 2589LMT, can't wait to add some new POI's to it. Works great so far!
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