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GPS: Garmin nuvi 765T

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I'm a little bit confused. Is it worth to buy a bigger SD card, if Garmin states that 4 Gb is the limit? It's always good to have a biger card...
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i use 765T and ask the shop about max SD size, they said 4GB and i bought it(SDHC). it works fine.

4GB is already enough space, considering this unit already has 4GB internal memory. You can put all maps on internal memory, and SD card only for media files.

Still not enough ? you can always use additional SD card for the rest of your collection.




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I just purchased the Nuvi 765T and an SDHC 4GB chip. I connect the Nuvi to the computer and the computer recognizes the Nuvi and shows the SDHC, but as a separate, "removable" drive on the computer. I've copied files onto the SDHC chip, but I can't locate them on the Nuvi. What am I doing wrong or how do I make the Nuvi recognize the SDHC chip? Thanks.


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You must create a directory on the SD card and name it garmin. ALL files go into that subdirectory or, yet another sub-directory beneath it (such as more poi files).

The map you want to put on the SD Card must be named gmapsupp.img and it must be either already unlocked, or have the gmapsupp.unl file present for the map to work. You can have only one gmapsupp.img file at a time although you can have many (map or other) files there and rename everything when you want to change one map to active state.

This should allow your unit to see the new map.



GPS: Garmin 885T

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ian.mackintosh2 wrote:
I have a Garmin Nuvi 765T and have installed a Sandisk 8GB Pro Duo SD card but cannot see this as a drive on my computer? Has anyone had this problem or know if this card is not compatable with a Nuvi 7 serires?

Thanks for any comments.

All the best, Ian

Can you tell me what a PRO DUO card is?
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi765

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I also have a Garmin Navi 765T and use a 4 gig SD card for media. Mostly MP3 music files and 4 Gig holds quite a lot. I have a Sandisk and a Kodak which I swap for a different library. That works great for me.
Have not tried to store maps on the SD card though and with 4 Gig on board the Navi, why would you?

A great unit and very happy with the support from Garmin.

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