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GPS: RNS-510

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Most up to date site out there period.

No need to look for another site to get your POI.

Register and you are good to go for life of you GPS device.

Thanks to all contributing folks for their work.
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GPS: Apple iPhone 3GS

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This site is fantastic value, a huge amount of POI data then at your finger tips.

I have found the UK petrol station data particularly useful.

The sample data all contains the word sample which is removed when you have full member access. A lot of the POI data also has additional information such as telephone numbers when you are a fully registered member.
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GPS: Iphone 5

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I'm a new user but I already found so much information for my next trip to Canada! Maybe the only missing thing would be a map tool to create custom POI in DB. Doing it all in csv is a bit of a pain, but still, it's by far the simplest way to add tons of POI quickly.

Thanks to everyone to post good POIs to every country, and lets hope Many other countries will get their POI registered here!
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in POI Updates and Downloads forum Reply to topic Registration value
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