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GPS: Garmin

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Thanks very much for "spicing up" our devices!!!!

Audi A4 Avant
Toyota Hilux OffRoad
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sergey_beloklokov4 wrote:
I am a truck driver, after using truck icon for half a year, I got tiered of this icon, recently just changed it with simple arrow.
Way better now.

I agree, the others seem to not as smooth in moving on the screen as the simple arrow..
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1. Download a .srf file or download a zip and unzip .srf files. Copy all downloaded srf files to the 'VECHILE' folder in your Garmin.
2. To search for a specific vehicle: Press Ctrl F and enter a name.

Did you mean "GARMIN/VEHICLE" folder or is VECHILE solving the trick?
Thank you,
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Good work with the vehicles. The missus loves Volkswagon bugs, so she loves the herbie car.
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Where do I go to learn how to edit these?
I'd like to make the 246GT yellow. Laughing


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Could u Add A Tesla Model S Plz



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Would LOOOVE to see:

'Serenity' from Firefly
'The Mystery Machine' from Scooby Doo, Where are you?


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Would love to see some WWII aircraft, use to have them on my old 1340nuvi but can't find any for my new Garmin 50

David Johnson


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Thanks, seems Garmin does not support vehicle icons any more.

On the road


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Thanks so much... But i was really looking for a "school Bus" , i did however download 15 icons, Cool



Post change the car that follows the route to an eagle flying the     
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How can I get the eagle flying the route instead of a car ?



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How about a Honda Goldwing or other full size touring motorcycle?



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These are superb.
Is there any chance of a variety of coach icons, as there are now quite a lot of different coaches, from 8 seater mini buses to 100 seater tri-axle coaches with rear wheel steering.

Many thanks



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Hi, great site! I did find my Forester. Now I am seaching for my campingcar Burstner Nagano 2015, semi integral, 5.80m.
Is it possible to change a vehicle file myself?



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