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Anonymous wrote:
How do you get my 2GB Card to work in TomTom as it will not read it, comes up with a cross.

I had this problem with a tom tom 300.

1st, you can't use the high density cards. I went to the Kingston website, used it to find which sd cards are suitable and bought a 2gig card for about £6. After spending hours driving myself crazy trying to copy the tom tom application onto the card with my old maps etc I capitulated, called tom tom support and received the following procedure which got me up and running with an expensive new map.

So, here goes
Read all below before commencing

Please follow the steps below in how to install your map to your TomTom device.

We highly recommend that you connect directly to the Internet with a network cable and not use a wireless network connection. Wireless connections occasionally drop the connection, which means that your map may not download correctly. Please note that you will need a stable and unrestricted broadband connection. If you are at the end of an exchange, you may experience an unstable connection, which can interfere with the map download.

STEP 1 To Install TomTom Home 1.5 first do the following to remove any tom tom home you have at present

- In PC's control panel Uninstall TomTom Home from your Computer

- Then delete the following folder from your PC 'My Documents/TomTom/Home/Downloads',

On a Mac, On the finder bar, click on Home -> Documents -> TomTom -> Home -> Downloads, delete all the files and folders in this directory.

- Reinstall TomTom Home: (for Mac and Windows)
If you get an invite to update the tom tom home you have just downloaded�DON'T
- Once installed, make a FULL Backup of your TomTom device.

Please proceed with the next steps if you have made a full backup of your device as described in step 1. (If you are unable to make a backup, please call tom tom support )

Close tom tom home, then�

STEP 2 Format your device

- If you are using a new SD card, please insert it into your device
- Open My Computer
- Right click on the TomTom device drive and choose 'Format'
- Select the File System as FAT 32
- Ensure that 'Quick Format' is not ticked.

On a Mac:-
- On a mac, you can format the disk via 'Disk Utility', Select the TomTom drive and select 'MS DOS File System' and press erase.
The application can be found under Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility

Proceed with formatting your TomTom device.

STEP 3 to install the Application via Home 1.5

Open TomTom Home
A list of updates should appear, make sure that the application update is the only item that is selected
Download and install the Program Application updates, this will install the version 6 update to your TomTom

Once complete, switch your TomTom off, safely disconnect it from the Computer, switch your TomTom back on.
The device will load up and say 'no maps found'.
Repeat this step until there are no further application updates.

Once complete, close TomTom Home 1.5 from the system tray of your PC, in the bottom right hand corner of your screen by the computer clock, right click on the red icon and choose Exit. (On a Mac, simply exit the program)

Now for your tom tom home update

STEP 4 Install TomTom Home 2.x

- Download and Install TomTom Home 2.4:

- Open TomTom Home 2.x

STEP 5 Install the Map and Voices

Connect your TomTom to your Computer
Open TomTom Home 2.x
Click on 'Update my Go'
- A list of updates should appear, select the application, the map and the voices that you need.
- Click on 'Download updates'
- Once complete, switch your TomTom off, disconnect it from the Computer, switch your TomTom back on.
- The device will load up with your new map installed.


Everything from this point should now be working. If you have any issues, please make a note of what is happening and state what error messages that you get if there are any.


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SDHC may not support by all TT, some TT's device design only support for 2GB SD, So use your card in other way...
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The updates are more then 2gb Sad

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