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GPS: TomTom Rider 2

Post Just replace by yourself (easy for a Rider 2)     
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Just replaced the origin battery of my Rider 2nd edition with a same-size-type but with 3100 mAh! Was a 5 minute-job, 6 screws and one connector. Fast'n'easy! First trials looking very promising, more than 6 hours working! Still room to improve as battery has seen two charging/discharging runs only!
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GPS: tomtom XL

Post Battery Tomtom     
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I have never used my Tomtom out of the car and so not noticed.
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Post device not using car charge     
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My device won't charge in the car. I have a full battery that lasts for a couple of hours. Then I hook it up to the car to continue using it and it is like it only pulls from the battery. It will not use my car for power.



Post TomTom battery replacement     
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Battery replacement is a breeze as long as you follow the steps, and YouTube has some great instructional videos. I agree, TomTom customer service and batteries are not good, but who want to throw away something you paid a lot?



Post Changing the battery in a TomTom XL     
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My charging cord that goes to the cigarette lighter doesn't seem to work. I then hooked it up to the usb port. It seems to charge OK but the screen will flash a message asking if I want to hook up to my computer. Tonigt I found the torx screwdriver that is needed to disassemble the unit. for $3.49 at Menards. The screw heads are under the label. After I take the 2 torx head screws out I am going to try and pry it open to see if I can change the battery. After that there are 2 Phillips head screws to remove. Then you supposed to carefully lift up the circuit board and there is the battery. Don


GPS: d.l.mann

Post Not using a charger     
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I might get 20 minutes for my Tom Tom go 720 if I'm lucky...appaling
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Post reliable old tomtom     
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I have a Tom Tom XXL had it 6 years use it most days never had a problem.very good unit and very reliable.

mike from New Zealand (ALL BLACKS) best team in the world Very Happy



Post TomTom Go     
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Battery life is rubbish as everyone says. I keep it plugged in when using but then have a long, thick cable in the way of driving the car!

Also, unit freezes now and again and I have to turn off and on again - not ideal when driving (and possibly slightly lost by then!)


GPS: TomTom

Post rider 400     
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My rider 400 seems to use up the battery pretty fast as well.

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Post Tom Tom     
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My device will not work off the car charger or accept any charge from home. When I switch it on it immediately says low charge and shuts down even though it's connected to the car charger


GPS: TomTom Via 1500

Post VIA 1500 only good in car so battery is somewhat redundant     
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My Via 1500 seems to have given up on its battery. But as I always use it in the car, so the car charger works. Since the car mount is an integral part of the case, it is too inconvenient to try use this anywhere except the car anyway.
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old TomTom


Post After this long...     
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6&1/2 yroldTomTom

After this long the gps has been shutting down even when properly plugged into the vehicle's chargeroutlet. A battery icon with a sliver of red appears then phwoooooosh...ALL BLACK! Free, lifetime maps compel me to take it apart and replace the battery myself.

Beating the drum against planned obsolescence.


GPS: TomTom 720 Go

Post tomtom battery     
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Just one thing that may be of interest to some readers is that apparently some of the later TomTom's require a high charge rate to charge the unit as well as provide the navigation information required. I am informed that if you do not use the supplied power socket charger, sufficient charge is not received to charge the unit at the same time as using it.

Rolling Eyes
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