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And I thought it was me.
At lest I know I'm not alone in not having a battery to use. I thought I could use my Tom Tom when walking on a vacation but I can't get enough juice from the charger into my house.

Is there no recourse? Is there a Lemon Law for these expensive gadgets?


GPS: TomTom GO300 and ONE125

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I experienced battery failure in my TomTom GO 300 a few months outside of warranty a few years ago. I got an RMA number from their factory to have it repaired, sent it in, and a few weeks later they UPS'ed me a brand new GO 300 with the latest map installed instead of repairing my old unit. I'm nobody special to them, but they treated my unit as if it were still in warranty and totally replaced it. 300 Kudos to them ..... kept me as a happy customer for sure.

Now, two years later, same problem with the battery, but I expect no special treatment because the GO 300 is totally out of warranty. I bought a new battery with a higher mAh (milliampere) rating this time around, followed instructions on how to pop the front bezel and undo all the screws using T4 thru T8 star drivers. I'll tuck the new battery inside and carefully reverse the procedure, and be back in business for a few more years.
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GPS: TomTom Go

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I have a TomTom Go that is about 4 years old and the battery is still OK for that age. I can run it without car charger for at least an hour (didn't happen to go further without the charger).
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GPS: TomTom One XL

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Ditto on the poor battery life, I think the constant satellite connection drains it...
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GPS: tom tom one

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I have an orginal Tom Tom one and have had it about four years. When I bought it I was told it would work for about two hours on the battery. I am still now getting btw 1.5 to 2hrs battery life.
I'm not doing much special for the battery except I keep it plugged in most of the time until my phone is flat and needs charging too.
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My Tom Tom One is about 4-5 years old and hardly any battery life is anymore out of my car. How can I change the battery myself or I need to take back to service?
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GPS: Tom Tom XL

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My Tom Tom XL has virtually no battery when not plugged into the power socket in the car.

Lasts about 15 mins max
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GPS: TomTom GO 930

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930 Go myself - The battery is less than amazing, but I rarely need to have it plugged into the power except on extremely long trips..
I found that enabling the Battery Saving options (specifically dimming the screen in between directions) made a big difference.. Took a while to get used to though..
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Okay, I'm askin... Where can I get the best battery and best price for the money for a new battery for my tom-tom? I'm a dunce with computers and electronics programming as such but I just can't seem to figure out the wife's " Magellan ", the tom-tom is so much easier for me... Anyway, I can certainly do the torx screw thing to this Wink but need more info & recommendation about the replacement batteries.

Josephine Ann


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I drive a Rover Mini without a cigar lighter!

I bought a recharger which, as long as I only switched on Tom Tom when really needed lasted my week long holiday (boat without mains electricity).

Now the battery is only showing 3/4 full after mains recharging so guess it has had it. Which is why I am on this site!

Tom Tom has revolutionised my getting lost and Stephen is very patient with me. Thanks for the comments everybody.

Jo Rolling Eyes


GPS: TomTom 7

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Depending on the make up of the battery [Lithium Ion or Nickle Metal Hydride], constantly using the navigator via tha battery and never flattening it completely is detrimental. Especially when you use 50% then recharge it all the time, the battery ends up with what is know as a "Memory Effect".

Try to fully discharge the battery within the unit every so often prior to recharging, say every third use, if you do not have the unit constantly powered when not in use.

Conversely if you have the unit constantly powered when in use, exercise the battery to flat by unplugged from power and using by battery alone.

Hope this helps.
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GPS: Tom Tom One

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I have a Tom Tom One about 4 years old and the battery is still going strong on it
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They expect you to throw your Tom Tom away when the battery goes bad. This is my reply from Tom Tom when I inquired of them:

Thank you for taking the time to contact TomTom Customer Support in regard to obtaining a new battery for your unit. My name is Harvey. We are always happy to help.

We would like to inform you that if there is a battery issue with the unit and it is under warranty, we suggest that you contact us in this matter. However if the unit is outside of warranty, we would like to inform you that we do not have these batteries available for purchase. Currently there are not any retailers that would sell or have the batteries for the unit. If there is a battery problem with the unit after the warranty period, and you are interested in replacing the unit, we are more than happy to offer you to purchase a new device. Crying or Very sad Of course you can find a battery, even at Radio Shack.



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I wouldn't know if battey life is good or bad, as mine when in use is always on charge. Hate the GPS mounted on the windscreen, mine is on the centre console with external antenna. Less chance of break in, as is less obvious.
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I just replaced my bad battery in my TomTom One XL and it was quite easy and it remedied the problem. The replacement battery offered a little more mAh, which means a little more battery life. I had picked up a small tool set at the auto parts store. The wires are snapped in a releasable plug. Plug the new battery in, close the back, screw it on, charge, and use. I even ordered a replacement battery for my Ipod Nano, which had a fried battery. It works perfectly now and I received a discount for ordering the two batteries.
Good Luck, BR

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