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Hi again,
Have tried my copied card in another Navman f20 but it does not work. Even when I change the number. Now the interesting thing is the numbers on each unit, the one that works has SV000279 and the one that does not has AA005815-6E2 and when I check the bootloader version they are different even though the test flag is the same, hardware version is one digit out.



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I must have the wrong sd card as I can't get maps to work from there.

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Tillie wrote:
Hi guys,

I have downloaded the Europe maps and am unable to see the maps in my F40 Navman (AUS). I use a 1GB Panasonic SD card with 9 pins on the back.

Just wondering - if you put the SD cards you are successfully using in a SD card reader hooked up to a PC - what file system is used when you look at the properties of the SD card? (FAT/FAT32/RAW etc)

Thanks in advance!

I checked both cards for formatting inf. here is what I got
microSD card:
Volume label: NO NAME
Type: Primary
File system: FAT16
Root entries: 512
Sectors per boot: 8
Sectors per cluster: 16

Serial number: 849A-BC76
Partition ID: 0x04 FAT16, less than 32 MB.
Volume Size: 483.8 MB
Used space: 450.6 MB
Free space: 33.2 MB
Activity: No
Hidden state: No

SD card:
Volume label: NO NAME
Type: Primary
File system: FAT16
Root entries: 512
Sectors per boot: 6
Sectors per cluster: 32

Serial number: 740D-6DA17
Partition ID: 0x04 FAT16, less than 32 MB.
Volume Size: 968.7 MB
Used space: 937.5 MB
Free space: 31.2 MB
Activity: No
Hidden state: No

Could someone refresh me on why there are two cards for this? I mean, both cards have map files on them. Could the two cards be matched somehow and that's why people are having trouble when they put new maps on their card?



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I'm not sure that we must put the sd serial number anyway I'll tell you how we can find it and you can try it.

We turn on the device by holding the same time for 4 sec the settings button then we choose display firmware information then we look at exmmc ID the serial is: numbers 1,2,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26. Example if exmmc is 27000053443032471190003cfe0073bf the serial is 2790003cfe
I hope that helps.



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I've had some success copying the USA maps to and from the SD cards to the computer, then onto additional SD cards for backups or use in a second F20.

Your local Walmart sells a USB SD card reader in the camera dept. for around $10. This works well with most after market SD cards. 2mb seems to work best. There is a trick you need to know.

The SD card has a Read/Write Tab on the side. Similar to the write protect tab on a 3.5" floppy disk. But there is an additional step you need to do. Place a tiny piece of masking or non transparent tape over the notch on the opposite side of the SD card you want to put the map data onto. This disables the write protect completely on the SD card.

Next (In Windows operating system), click on "My Computer" (After you've inserted the SD card into the reader and the USB port), then right click on the drive ID your reader is using. Select "Format Drive" NTFS.

Once the SD card is formatted, you can simply copy and paste the files onto the new card. The USA maps will only work with the F20 US version, it won't work on the UK or European model F20's.

The problem is, finding the updated files from anywhere online, Navman, etc. I can't even get Navman to acknowledge the US maps exist, even when I'm willing to pay for them.

They are easy to copy and use, no hidden files. But Navman is completely useless on any support at all outside Europe. Plus the maps are not free. Usually $149+ USD for the United States map SD cards, if you actually find any.

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