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Post F20 Europe maps on SD     
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I am new here and having the same problem of being able to manage the Europe maps on the SD card but not able to select a country except from the preloaded one.

Thinking a bit logically, why would NAVMAN only lock selecting a country and not managing maps. Furthermore, if you sell SD cards with Europe maps on it, a locking mechanism should really be reliable otherwise the helpdesk will melt down.

Possibly the solution can be the following: If you look at the files on the SD card, there are many XML and TXT formatted files. What I think is that the F20 picks its countries from an internal XML or TXT file, and not from the SD card. Maybe copying a file containing all countries to the internal flash memory provides a full country list.

Don't ask me how to do such thing and how it could be done automatically when inserting an original SD card.



Post EU maps     
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seams like we all have the same problem! i get the maps in and find them but can't make a search to the new maps.

I read on a forum that you need a "fast" SD card (20mb/s) have you tried that?
Are there any reason why you need a 2mg card when the files are 942mb only? Does it require some kind of working memory?

I have tried an original card to my F20 and it works correct so there can't be any connection to a certain F20. But maybe some hidden files as you say..

Any new from someone that succeeded?


Post CDKEYS.dat     
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CDKEYS.DAT must be the solution. I have checked this key on two different original cards.


EEU must be EU maps
420 = Version 4,20
Then the key (maybe SD card serial nbr)



Post what format is used for the Navman SD cards? (RAW/FAT/FAT32)     
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Hi guys,

I have downloaded the Europe maps and am unable to see the maps in my F40 Navman (AUS). I use a 1GB Panasonic SD card with 9 pins on the back.

Just wondering - if you put the SD cards you are successfully using in a SD card reader hooked up to a PC - what file system is used when you look at the properties of the SD card? (FAT/FAT32/RAW etc)

Thanks in advance!



Post MMC-ID may be the key??     
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Found something in a german forum: Each SD contains a "MMC-ID". Your NavMan reads that MMC-ID and compares this to some file on the card itself or to a fixed number. A mismatch blocks the maps from loading. Not sure whether the MMC-ID is connected to a specific manufacturer or unique for each SD card. You can read the MMC-ID through a secret F20 menu:
First Hold down Menu + Power Buttons for 10 seconds
This will bring you to the -= Maintenance Menu =-
From here you can use the + & - Sound Keys to move up and down the menus and the "Menu Key" to go forward and the ^ key to go back.
Then goto Display Firmware Information
If we have the MMC-ID from an original, that would help!


Text from the German forum:
Navman benutzt Speicherkarten von nur einem einzigen Hersteller. Den
MMC-ID Code dieser Karten könnt Ihr auch Auslesen wenn Ihr den OK
(Runde Taste) Knopf festhaltet und dann für 5 Sekunden auf POWER ON
drückt. Dann kommt das Service Menü in dem es die Firmware-Info gibt.
Dort steht auch MMC-ID 2001.............................
Verwendet man jetzt MMC Karten eines anderen Herstellers, ändert sich
natürlich der MMC-ID bzw. SD ID Code und der Navman erkennt nun die
eingelegte Karte als "Raubkopie".
Man "könnte" jetzt das Hauptprogramm "modifizieren" das es auch
andere Speicherkarten akzeptiert, jedoch wäre dies höchst Illegal und
gehört hier nicht hin.
Der Navman an sich kann übrigends SD / MMC bis 1 GB problemlos lesen.
Der Schutz liegt wirklich nur in der ID, das lässt sich über die
Audio-Samples wunderbar testen.
A: Die Hersteller nutzen unterschiedliche Verfahren die Karten unkopier-
bar zu machen. Für Kartendaten, die auf SD-Speichermedien geliefert
werden, gibt es ein sehr einfaches aber effektives verfahren, das
praktisch 100% kopiersicher ist.
Jede SD-Karte hat eine „eingebrannte" Seriennummer. Bestandteil der
aufgespielten Kartendaten ist eine Lizenzinformation mit eben dieser
Wenn die Kartendaten kopiert werden stimmen Lizenznummer und Hard-
warenummer nicht mehr überein, die Software merkt dies und ignoriert
die Daten. Kopierer haben somit keine Chance, was auch gut ist.
Da neue Karten i.d.R. mit zusätzlichen Daten versehen sind - nicht
nur Straßenänderungen, sondern z.B. Geschwindigkeitsinfos etc.
laufen diese nicht mit alter Navigationssoftware. Daher werden neue
Karten nicht mit alten Systemen/Software kombinierbar sein.



Post getting it working     
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The german info is suggesting several things:
- that the MMC card manufacturer ID is being checked by the F20 (this can be checked with the "secret" menu).
- that the MMC serial number is encoded into a file on the card. The F20 is checking that these numbers match. Copying the files to another card doesn't work because the encoded file doesn't match the serial number of the new card.
- that newer maps are not necessarily compatible with older units.

I'm looking at the europe maps and see two files which could contain some sort of enablers: CDKEYS.DAT and system/version.ini. It's possible that we could get the maps working by editting these files.

To do so, people with original Navman SD cards need to check the card's manufacturer's ID and serial number, and post these along with the contents of the above mentioned files. If enough people do this it might well be possible to work out the pattern or code needed.



Post MMC IDs     
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I think the two IDs in the "Display Firmware Information" are the interesting values.

Note that the last step in this description "loading a boot loader" actually looks like it's trying to flash the internal memory of your F20 - don't do this bit, you will probably end up wiping the navigation SW!


Post CDKEYS.dat     
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A little about card security
You may be wondering why you cannot just copy the maps from an original card to your own favorite card so I will try to detail why. Upon startup the Navman application will try to authenticate the card using a well-known signature scheme involving sha1 and rsa-1024. The steps involved are as follows:

Construct a buffer consisting of the unique card id (CID), a key from cdkeys.dat and one of two keys found in the Navman application.
Do a sha1 of this buffer and you will end up with 20 bytes.
Search sigreg.dat for these 20 bytes. If found it will be followed by 4 zero bytes and then 128 bytes of rsa-1024 encrypted bytes. These bytes will be decrypted by a modulus and exponent found in the Navman application. This results in a buffer looking like 01FFFF .... FFFF00 + 20 bytes of signature.
The 20 bytes decrypted signature should also match the calculated signature.
Ok - so this is pretty much it and by now you have probably figured out that by putting the maps on a new card step 1 will result in an "incorrect" buffer because the CID has changed. Not a big problem so far as we can just calculate what comes out of step 2 and put that into sigreg.dat. But what we cannot do is to calculate the rsa-1024 encrypted buffer which also needs to match the new sha1 value. To do this we need the secret rsa exponent which is pretty hard to come by.
Put in other words: Making a copy of your card is probably only going to happen by removing this check from the Navman application. This is pretty easy except for the fact that changing the application is a no go too since the bootloader does a signature check on loaded elf files. Fixing this little issue can be done by patching the bootloader located in flash and after these steps you should be in business.
Info found on



Post Re: MMC-ID may be the key??     
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Ozzzz wrote:

Text from the German forum:

German to English translation:

Navman uses memory cards of only one manufacturer.

The MMC ID code of these maps know you also selections if you OK ONE (round key) the button hold and then for 5 seconds on POWER ON presses. Then comes service the menu in that it the firmware info. There also MMC ID stands 2001............................. If one uses MMC maps of another manufacturer now, the MMC ID changes naturally and/or SD ID code and the Navman recognizes now the inserted map as "pirat copy". One could modify now the main program it also different memory cards accepted, however this would be most illegal and does not belong here. The Navman actually can read SD/MMC to 1 GB problem-free. The protection lies really only in the ID, which leaves itself over the audio Samples marvelously to test.
A: The manufacturers use different procedures the maps to make unkopier cash. For map data, which are supplied on SD storage media, there is a very simple however effective muddled, which is practically 100%. Each SD map has a "burned" seriennummer. A component of the up-played map data is license information with evenly this seriennummer. If the map data are not copied to be correct license number and hardware number no more, the software notice this and ignores the data. Copiers have thus no chance, which is also good. Since new maps are i.d.R. with additional data provided - not only changes of road, but e.g. speed information etc. does not run these with old navigation software. Therefore new maps with old system/software will not be combinable.



Post Navman SD cards     
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Well people...all give up ? :S seems navman finded a secure way to make money selling maps .... Sad



Post Navman SD cards     
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Sorry, my Firefox Browser asked me to pay to reply. Strange! Internet Explorer doesn't I just found out Confused .

Anyway, don't give up. On another German forum ( I found the following: "Hallo, es ist doch möglich. habe es selbst eben geschafft. Man muss nur den MBR der Originalkarte kopieren mit z.B. "hdhacker". dann die Dateien kopieren und fertig."

Translated: " It's possible, I just did. Copy the MBR from the original card with e.g. hdhacker. Then copy the data and ready."

Possibly the MMC ID is in the card's MBR. Seems logically. Anyone with an original card?

Navman User


Post Original Card     
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I got an original card and want it to copy it for sure if my original card will be lost e.g.

I tried it by copying the MBR File (master boot record) but it does not work by this way.

Mhm...the law says that one is not allowed to copy a card if it is protected against copying. So I will buy a new one...



Post HDHacker hack...     
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Hey, NavmanUser, did you try it like Ozzzz wrote with HDHacker? If not, could you or anyone with a original bought extra mapcard, try this hack. Sounds to me like it could really work..... Would have done it myself if I owned an extra mapcard besides the built in one.

Keep trying.



Post Same Problems here     
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HiI see its been a while since the last post on this subject so I am reviving this thread in the hope of finding a solution for this problem.I also own a F20 and I downloaded the europa maps and the US maps both of which show up when I select manage maps but they will not load up a destination address in one of the countries selected.I am using a normal SD card which I dont think is the problem as the maps load when selected its just that I cant access these maps for navigation purposes Sad Has anyone out there found a solution to this problem? I have looked all over the net to no avail and Navman want £49.99 for the France map  Shocked  and that is the one I want.Can anyone help either with a copy of the France map or a keygen to open the europa and US files I already have Question £49.99 ,$98 , €79 for a one country map is totally taking the ... Sad Regards Seri



Post Europe Map     
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Anybody who got this to work? Same problem over here, I can select the maps but not able to select a country when planning a new route

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