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Post tt710     
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Thanks for the info on resetting my 710 now working as it should.



Post Tom Tom 710     
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Thanks for the advice, my tom tom packed up today (Green light on but will not turn on) looked up repairs online quoted £59.95, then read the above posts pressed reset and hey presto worked 1st time.


Post Re: flash the TomTom     
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This worked fine: Download start up fix, run the flash, and that should fix your TomTom start up problem.


GPS: Tom Tom One IQ Routes Edition

Post Same problem with tom tom 910     
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I purchased two tom tom 910s for my motorcycles of which was not a success at all due to the hard drive failing when accessing when being riden, appears the bumping around and hard drive access at the same time was the cause of the failure. To resolve this failure the reset button had to be used and each time this was done the units came good, Only use them in the car now, have no problems of crashing whilst being used in the car.
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GPS: tomtom one xls

Post restore from backup     
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Use TomTom home to restore your unit from the backup. If it still doesn't work more than likely something is corrupt in the system.
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Post tomtom 710 wouldn't turn on     
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My tomtom 710 wouldn't turn on... but i read the previous reviews, finally found the reset button and now it does.

Just wanted to say thank you peeps Very Happy

Your Name


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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in TomTom forum Reply to topic TomTom won't start up
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