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Andy T.


Post Celebrity voices     
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Garmin just released their voice utility called Garmin Voice Studio. It's used to create custom voice files for Garmin.

I hope soon we'll have all tomtom celebrity voices converted to a Garmin voice file format, and vice versa.


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Cool... Tomtom could do that as well... but no, they prefer to SELL tomtom voices.



Post Test voices before uploading to tomtom     
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Is it possible to listen to the voices before uploading to the device?


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Post Tomtom voice file info     
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I always wanted to know what it all meant , but I never thought to post the question!
Thanks to All!
sirja Very Happy
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GPS: Tomtom 920, TomTom VIA 160

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Just in case if you want to create your own voice for tomtom. Here is the list of audio files that is needed to compile your voice file as explained here: How to edit or make your own TomTom voices:

100.wav - Hundred
200.wav - Two hundred
2ndLeft.wav - Take the second left
2ndRight.wav - Take the second right
300.wav - Three hundred
3rdLeft.wav - Take the third exit left
3rdRight.wav - Take the third exit right
400.wav - Four hundred
50.wav - Fifty
500.wav - Five Hundred
600.wav - Six hundred
700.wav - Seven hundred
800.wav - Eight hundred
80.wav - Eighty
After.wav - Na
AhExit.wav - Take away the exit
AhExitLeft.wav - Take the exit going left
AhExitRight.wav - Take the exit going right
AhFerry.wav - Take away the boat
AhKeepLeft.wav - Further keep left
AhKeepRight.wav - Further keep right
AhLeftTurn.wav - Later turn left
AhRightTurn.wav - Right Turn Ahead
AhUTurn.wav - Further inversion
Arrive.wav - You've reached your destination
BearLeft.wav - Left bend
BearRight.wav - Right bend
Beep1a.wav - Beep
Charge.wav - Just pay for the city to drive
Depart.wav - Departure
KeepLeft.wav - Keep left
KeepRight.wav - Keep right
LnLeft.wav - Keep in the left lane
LnRight.wav - Stay in the right lane
Meters.wav - Meter
MwEnter.wav - Leave the motorway at
MwExit.wav - Exit
MwExitLeft.wav - Exit left
MwExitRight.wav - Take the right exit
RbBack.wav - Go around the roundabout
RbCross.wav - Go straight over the roundabout
RbExit1.wav - First Exit
RbExit2.wav - Second exit
RbExit3.wav - Third exit
RbExit4.wav - Fourth branch
RbExit5.wav - Fifth Exit
RbExit6.wav - Sixth exit
RbLeft.wav - Turn left at the roundabout
RbRight.wav - Turn right at the roundabout
RoadEnd.wav - At the end of the road
SharpLeft.wav - Sharp left
SharpRight.wav - Sharp right
Straight.wav - Go straight
TakeFerry.wav - Take the boat
Then.wav - Next
TryUTurn.wav - Try to turn
TurnLeft.wav - Turn left
TurnRight.wav - Turn right
Uturn.wav - You will not, turn
Yards.wav - Yards

Pack all these files with the viftool and save them in the folder on your tomtom device called "voices".
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Post Voci per il TomTom     
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Italian audio files used to create tomtom voice:

After.wav - "Fra"
Arrive.wav - "siete arrivati"
Meters.wav - "metri"
TurnRight.wav - "gira te a destra"
2ndLeft.wav - "prendete la seconda a sinistra"
2ndRight.wav - "prendete la seconda a destra"
3rdLeft.wav - "prendete la terza a sinistra"
3rdRight.wav - "prendete la terza a destra"
AhExit.wav - "L'uscita e' piu' avanti"
AhExitLeft.wav - "L'uscita e' piu' avanti a sinistra"
AhExitRight.wav - "L'uscita e' piu' avanti a destra"
AhFerry.wav - "prendete il traghetto piu' avanti"
AhKeepLeft.wav - "piu' avanti tenete la sinistra"
AhKeepRight.wav "piu' avanti tenete la destra"
AhLeftTurn.wav - "piu' avanti girate a sinistra"
AhRightTurn.wav - "piu' avanti girate a destra"
AhUTurn.wav - "piu' avanti fate inversione a U"
BearLeft.wav - "spostatevi sulla la sinistra"
BearRight.wav - "spostatevi sulla la destra"
Charge.wav - "pagamento pedaggio autostradale"
Depart.wav - "partenza"
KeepLeft.wav - "tenete la sinistra"
KeepRight.wav - "tenete la destra"
LnLeft.wav - "rimanete nella corsia di sinistra"
LnRight.wav - "rimanete nella corsia di destra"
MwEnter.wav. "prendete l'autostrada"
MwExit.wav - "uscita"
MwExitLeft.wav - "prendete l'uscita a sinistra"
MwExitRight.wav - "prendete l'uscita a destra"
RbBack.wav. "girate intormo alla rotonda"
RbCross.wav - "superate la rotonda"
RbExit1.wav - "prima uscita"
RbExit2.wav - "seconda uscita"
RbExit3.wav - "terza uscita"
RbExit4.wav - "quarta uscita"
RbExit5.wav - "quinta uscita"
RbExit6.wav - "sesta uscita"
RbLeft.wav - "andate a sinistra alla rotonda"
RbRight.wav. "andate a destra alla rotonda"
RoadEnd.wav. "alla fine della strada"
SharpLeft.wav - "subito a sinistra"
SharpRight.wav - "subito a destra"
Straight.wav. "sempre diritto"
TakeFerry.wav - "prendete il traghetto"
Then.wav - "poi"
TryUTurn.wav - "appena possibile fate inversione a U"
TurnLeft.wav - "girate a sinistra"
UTurn.wav - "fate inversione a U"
Yards.wav - "yards "
50.wav - "50"
80.wav - "80"
100.wav - "100"
200.wav - "200"
300.wav - "300"
400.wav - "400"
500.wav - "500"
600.wav - "600"
700.wav - "700"
800.wav - "800"


Post Tom tom voice menu     
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Can't get these voices to appear as options in my tom tom voice menu. Tried everything.



Post Thank you!     
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Anonymous wrote:
Can't get these voices to appear as options in my tom tom voice menu. Tried everything.

Shocked I am a complete novice to all things and managed to download some fun voices to add to my device!

The instructions were perfectly clear and I went through them all step by step in no time at all!

Thank you and happy travels to all readers! Very Happy


Post Tomtom Voices     
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I also am a novice and got this to work, taking my time...


Post Thanks - very happy     
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Very Happy Fantastic, initially, they wouldn't show, but after re-reading your instructions and everyone else's feedback, I went back into the Tomtom menu and took the files out of thier folders. They now show. Very happy. Thanks.


GPS: TomTom VIA280

Post Nice     
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Love the funny voices!
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GPS: GoogleMaps,TOMTOM

Post worked     
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worked great thanks love the voices as well esp mr T.
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Post voice download     
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Thank you, I lost my English voice with a paid map upgrade and a TomTom's online service tech wanted $34 to answer my question on how to fix it. I did it for free. What an easy fix it was.
Thanks again Laughing

Your Name


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