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johmazz2006 wrote:
Has anyone contacted Garmin re the problem ??

Do you think it's even remotely possible they hadn't? Garmin is blocking updates for their own reasons. As evidence, try searching Garmin's support site on the issue -- they pointedly do not address it at all.


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That seems like an unusually long time to update maps. In my experience it's usually around an hour. Though I suppose it depends on your location, internet and the amount of time since your last update.
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Post Re: Garmin, should it take HOURS to update maps?     
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bluebell wrote:

I've just bought the Garmin - it is taking hours to update maps. Is this normal? I stopped it a couple of times blaming he computer for running slow but now I'm not so sure it is the computer.

All other downloads (GPI POI file updates) are much faster. Even my ancient GPS was quicker (till it was dropped on the floor and broke...)

I've just bought a Camper 770 which said it was going to take 3 hours to update but actually took just over 2. To be honest I was just going to leave it in a corner to get on with it, but was quite surprised when I peeked and found it was finished.
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Post Inordinate time for update Garmin stuff     
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Consistently over three hours on a 72Mb/s connection, fast processor. Only ever experience this length of time with Garmin. Makes me think it's the Garmin servers



Post Slooow...     
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Well, I have been in update for 7 hours so far. It says: "copying files 44.8KB/s". I'm at 78% with 3 hours remaining. I updated express first. In the middle of this I ran a speedtest. My slow internet said 5.5MB/s download. Yes Garmin, your fault!



Post The problem is on their end     
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I really believe that the problem of download speed of Garmin maps is on their end. As I regularly up and download large image files and do not find the sluggishness that I do when downloading new maps from Garmin. I also want to know just how old their satellite images are with BirdsEye. I checked the map of where I live and fine that it is at least 10 years old. I see more current images on other free applications.



Post Slow updates     
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Using Nuvi 54. Have internet speed of 300mb/s. The download of the update was super fast, BUT Garmin express only installs the download at a rate of 4mb/s. Garmin express advising 82 hours 33 minutes to install! Really?


Post Realy slow with a fast connection.     
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Why not just let the map file to be an encoded file to download with normal download accelerators or other software. With todays internet connections it takes only few minutes to download af 4GB file. But Garmins software, has no download accelerator. It takes hours.

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