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Nuvi 57


Post Nuvi 57 GPS and SD card     
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I can't get my Nuvi 57 to read my SD card. The map file appears to be a zip file but I can't seem to extract the files. Does this mean the file is still locked? How do I unlock?



Post Is the GPS supposed to recognize the SD card when inserted?     
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What is supposed to happen when the SD card is inserted in the Garmin 390LM? Can it only be used by adding files from your home computer, or is there a way to transfer saved routes and favorites on the SD card instead of in the unit itself?




Post How to get Mirco SD Card Recognized by Garmin Nuvi 255/255W     
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I have read many of these postings and did all variations of what have been suggested, yet still have NOT been able to get my micro SD card recognized to utilize the new map which is over the memory size of the base unit (indicated by pressing Tools>System>Maps>About which only shows the original map on the base unit with the map level info as below or an error message of not having any map).

The facts:
- Unit - Garmin Nuvi 255 and 255W (both have the same exact problem)
- Operation system level - level 7.80 (both have just been updated to this level using the new Garmin Express tool before any trying to use the new map on the micro SD card)
- Existing Map level - CN North America NT 2010.30 (on both units)
- Micro SD card - 4GB (just to be safe not to over the potential limit) and formatted either FAT32 or FAT (either time did not work)
- New map stored in the SD card folder - Garmin
- Name of the new map - tried all combination based on the suggested review of the based unit's GarminDevice.xml designations: gmapprom.img plus renaming the base unit file to gmapprom.SAV
gmapsupp.img plus keeping the base unit gmapprom.img as it is
gmapsup1.img plus keeping the base unit gmapprom.img as it is

Well, any good advice to make this work? Thanks in advance!



Post Memory Card     
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I can't seem to make use of the comments in this post. Garmin help only says how to install the memory card. (duh!) But not how to actually make the device USE the memory card.

I've installed a SanDisk 32G card on a new Gamin nuvi 2699. I did the install/update, and all looks hunky dory -- that is, no errors -- but when I check the memory card disk in File Explorer in Windows, it shows that the memory card is empty. How to make the memory card the storage place for whatever data I have.... maps, favorites, etc. Confused


Post Re: Micro SD cards     
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pool100 wrote:
I have just bought a micro SD card for the Nuvi 1460 and it works like a charm. Just create a 'map' folder and dump all the .img map files into it. Must be unlocked maps. It's that easy.

Thank you so much. By following your suggestion, my gps recognised the SD card.



Post SD formats and oddities     
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I've found that the Garmin is very picky about the format of the SD card. There are variations of the FAT16 and FAT32 file systems and I've had to play with them before finding one that works. Reformatting the SD card on a Mac doesn't usually work since the Mac picks the FAT format based on its own optimization scheme, and often chooses an incompatible one for Garmin.

I've never gotten the Garmin to recognize both music and maps on the SD card at the same time. When if finds a map file it disables all the music files, i.e. doesn't find them.


Post StreetPilot c510     
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Backed up the Garmin file from 240MB main memory (showing red, nearly full) to PC.
Copied Garmin folder to 2GB SD card (Format is critical, used FAT) & deleted main, to run from SD.
Worked fine & appears to run a bit faster, but no voice!
Solved by copying voice file from backup, to main memory in a folder named Garmin.
So I now have a small Garmin folder in main, with the bulk on SD card.
This may work with other files which don't like being outside of main memory.

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