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Post Trouble updating maps     
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I have a Garmin Nuvi. Updating the maps started fine but has stopped at 49.9% and hasn't gone anywhere in the 1st hour - except of course the estimated time to completion has soared (current estimate 8 h9urs, 27 minutes). My Internet connection appears fine (btcentralplus).
Any help?

Reet Petite


Post Garmin 2599     
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My Garmin 2599 has taken 12 hours to up date.... purchased this morning....
still got another 3 hours to go! does it always take this long to update or is it always the first time... and also how often to I need to do this please?
Thank you
Crying or Very sad



Post 300mbps and 10 hours download - what gives?     
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My speed tests show my infrastructure is able to achieve 30MB/s, 20MB/s sustained due to disk speed limitations. Up to date OS, drivers, garmin sw, ....

If the map size is 3000MB... I should have the map in ... 3 minutes ...

10hours is what it takes.

Something smells rotten in Garminland ...



Post Re: Map update seems to take forever? Sooo slooooow...     
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Perhaps we have here just a few bad examples how computers, firewalls, antivirus settings, download managers and slow Internet connections can make a simple task to fail.
I added a poll to check if anyone has any better experience as I cannot believe that Garmin would allow this to be a common issue.
We'll see...
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Post Map download seems stuck.     
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I've just purchased a Nuvi 56, the map download has been saying 1hr 47 minitues left for the past hour, nothing seems to be happening. Not Had a Garmin before and not very happy with it. By way of instructions there was a fold out leaflet and the hazard warning booklet, and a web address on the satnav screen when I plugged it into the pc nothing more.


GPS: Garmin Nuvi 2497

Post Good downloads on my Mac     
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It was taking very long to download using the "tcp" protocol, so I changed to a "udp" on my Macbook. UDP has less checks and balances, but downloaded at 450-500 kb/s About 1.5 hours for the 2016 upgrade. Razz
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 765, Garmin 3950LMT, Garmin 2455LMT, Navman40, Garmin StreetPilot 3

Post Re: Good downloads on my Mac     
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denisjunk wrote:
It was taking very long to download using the "tcp" protocol, so I changed to a "udp" on my Macbook. UDP has less checks and balances, but downloaded at 450-500 kb/s About 1.5 hours for the 2016 upgrade. Razz

Just did a Nuvi 765LMT and a Nuvi 3590 LMT in under an hour for both.
Both done on a Toshiba i7 Laptop with a 4G wireless modem.
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Post my 2 cent advice     
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Do not try 2 download it over WI-FI connection or it will take forever!
Connect your Ethernet cable directly on your router and should go faster, also do not connect other devices on your router while downloading including WI-FI or it will go slower.



Post use Ethernet and not wifi     
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Ethernet cable advice is golden. Duh!



Post Download map update     
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Can I stop the update and start again another day?



Post garmin     
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I have spent the last 3 days trying to download updates 0n my Nuvi 2597. Today is the last attempt or the sat nav is going back to the shop. It started with an estimate time of 3 hours and 30 minutes, it has downloaded up to half way and instead of diminishing the time is giving me now 6 hours and 54 minutes to go. A total joke!

Garmin 123


Post There should be an "avoid small country roads" set     
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Mine has taken all night to download south Europe maps and is 97% at 8.20 am. We must leave the hotel at 9.20 am. Hope I don't have to start all over in the next hotel.
The software has been updated also. I hope it will not take us thru tiny country roads when set on "avoid toll roads" like it always does.



Post Garmin Map Update Problems     
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Garmin Express is the new update s/w that Garmin switched to about 2012. Previously their update process was almost impossible to complete. Now there is "some" improvement.

I have 2 Garmins and each one requires a 7 Gigabyte download for North America map updates. After 3 or 4 hours of downloading the maps (Bell High Speed), the map update is completed. Then you have to delete this map download data in your PC Garmin folder or another one or two 7 Gig map downloads will fill your C drive. Garmin s/w does not delete them after the update as it should.

Also, the update cannot be reused for any other GPS and needs to be downloaded again in its entirety if your update fails part-way or if you wish to update a second device. The Garmin map updates for Windows 7 are stored at C:\ProgramData\Garmin\CoreService\Downloads\Map\RMU\

Garmin map updates are a test in patience to say the least. Good luck. You'll need it.



Post Garmin Update speeds     
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I have a Nuvi 2595LMT and a verfied 50Mb/s internet connection and it always takes a minimum of 3 hours. My guess would be that Garmin's servers are either outdated or simply have very high contention ratios for downloads, I'm running an update at the moment which is downloading at 215Kb/s. Just to check I started streaming a movie which works fine at around 6Mb/s and did not slow the garmin update, so as far as I can tell it is not a bandwidth issue with my broadband connection simply Garmin'sndog slow servers



Post Garmin Express map update tooooooooooo slooooooooow     
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75 Mb connection, Garmin Edge Touring Map update 2 hours not on 3 average 4 hours.
I believe the USB connection is the slow part. What do you all think?

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