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Since TomTom told me my satnav was obsolete but released new models without custom POI support I bought a Garmin Nuvi 58lmt which I was told supports custom POI creation.
It does in a limited way although it's favourites rather than POI's. While you can import custom POI's what i wanted to do is add my current location as a POI to a category.
I've worked out how to do it using favourites but I can't seem to add all my old tomtom POI's.
The file "Current.gpx" on the device appears to hold the category information, I tested this by adding one of the favourites I have to a category, then took the "current.gpx" file off the device onto my PC, converted it to xml and added the code of the category to all favourites but then the favourites don't appear in the categories when I put the file back onto the satnav.
So, does anyone know where else the category info for favourites is held on the device? Obviously it must be somewhere else than just the current.gpx file.



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Hi GaryF1,

It may be that you just need a bit of experimenting with your new GPS unit.
Try this:
- Go to:
- Open GPX POI Editor
- create a new POI file, or load your existing TomTom OV2 file
- Save it as a Garmin GPI file
- copy that GPI file to your GPS, restart it and check if it looks OK.

I hope it helps
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Thanks Mark. I'm aware of that procedure but it's not efficient to use a computer each time I want to add a location a arrive in. So I was hoping to bulk add all my existing POI's into the favourites, which allows you to add and categorise without the need for a computer.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Garmin Nuvi 58lmt - POI's & Favourites
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