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Big Al


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Hi. Visited Lidl, Telford Street, today. Saw some v.g. garden plants, seeds, etc. Not a large purchase. Entered the store to pay and was met by two long queues and only two cash points. No facility at all for the small purchaser. Can we not have a ten and under facility perhaps. I abandoned my trolley and left the store unlikely to return. Felt a bit sorry for the long line of customers, I must say. Thursday is apparently their busiest day. What with only two cash points open I shudder to think how many may be open on the quieter days! Obviously a popular place to shop, good prices, and quality plants. A pity about the setup. They must lose out on the small sales over a year? I write with their best interests at heart.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Topics forum Reply to topic Lidl Inverness Telford
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