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Gus Fitch


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My issue seems different from most of the comments on this thread. My first issue was that there were no solutions offered.

The issue starts while I am approaching an over or under path that crosses the Interstate on which I am riding. I get multiple tones and then a red banner that crosses the entire top of the display screen. The banner, and I paraphrase, "exceeding speed limit by seven MPH or by 1 MPH. I get the tone about once every two or three seconds and they continue until I drive out or the intersections area. The tones cut out most of the audio that I am listening too.

Oh, the red banner appear regardless of what my speed may be.

Any clues on what this is and how I turn it off?



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Gus, do you have any POI file or POI's with a number in it's name? That can trigger the audio alert.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Red Banner speed warning
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