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By any chance, when a backup is done, is information about the GPS unit itself saved in the backup?

Specifically, I am wondering if the model and serial number are in the backup. I had a Garmin unit stolen from our vehicle and would really like to know if the backups that were created when I had it might have this information.

If it does, is there a utility to read the data in the db files (or what database needs to be used to read them)?



GPS: Garmin 2597

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Most defiantly,, The backup would have to know all the data about the unit, Model and Serial for any subscriptions and what ever so that when you restore it from backup your services IF you pay for any extra will then continue The same thing goes for you trying to back up one Garmin with a special service that you pay for to add to another unit.. IT won't work..

Now some people can read that data rather easy, I'm sure if I backed up mine by looking at my serial # then go threw the text of the download data that I will also find the serial somewhere in the backup.. I would assume it's at the start of the back up more then at the end because why waste time doing a 99% update then say, Opps wrong serial, erasing data wrote.. Smile

I would use excel and look for the model # and nearby Should be your serial .. Good luck..
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Reading Garmin Backup Files
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