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I stopped by your establishment @ 3:35 a.m. to purchase a pack of Mark Ten refill cartridges(2 in a pack) and was very disappointed when the sales associate informed me that he would not take my coupon because it wouldn't scan. I am a combat wounded veteran with a traumatic brain injury therefore I do not drive a motor vehicle. I acquired the coupon from that store as they come in every Mark Ten device kit. I always use the coupon that comes in the device kit to get my refill kit. FURTHERMORE I am a frequent customer to your establishment and I know the coupon NEVER scans. Six hours previous I made the same exact request for Mark Ten refills and the coupon did not scan, but the sales associate punched a few keys and after paying I went home with my merchandise.
The gentleman working was rather abrupt with me and made no effort to remedy the situation. I was not greeted like I normally am upon walking in and it was obvious that your employee was too busy stocking the shelves to be bothered with something as trivial as customer service or even politeness, which he made apparent to me by not scanning the coupon again, his unwillingness to scan a different coupon, from your store also, and the look of disdain I received before he backed away from the register and went back to his task in the aisle. My brother was with me and was planning on making a purchase of his own, but instead as he just walked out later telling me that I was" too nice to put up with that kind of treatment".
Thank you for your prompt response both to me and in addressing the short comings of your staff's training.
Michael Aleci (239)240-4400

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Topics forum Reply to topic 7-Eleven North Fort Myers FL 33917
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