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I'm tired of seeing animal habitat uprooted and destroyed along the 401
I'm demanding that areas of the 401 be fenced off and the deer and other wildlife be protected.
Why do you have deer signs up declaring "night danger" without even making attempts to fence off these
deer areas and protect them and drivers?
I am requesting the province fence off areas that have been designated "deer"..
especially in kw along route 85, the ramps onto the 401 where deer signs are put up.
The deer don't stand a chance...collisions are numerous, costly and dangerous and unnecessary.
Lets protect these beautiful creatures, fence off areas designated "night danger"...
I'm demanding the carnage be stopped!
Many Ontarians I've talked to feel the same!

Will wait for a reply if you people are not too busy!

Jim hosepian

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Topics forum Reply to topic MTO Office Waterloo
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