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P. Burke


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I spent quite some time to get an appointment at Innaloo for advice I may have been able to get over the phone.
The sound quality was appalling and all I could hear was other people on other phones. I wear hearing aids and the background noise is very very bad. Something should be done about your call centre!



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What a terrible waste of time and effort. After battling to communicate via the 132 300 number and that non comprehending robotic voice, then listening to condescending explanations about information I have no interest in, I was placed on hold twice and on both occasions hung up after being driven mad by that horrible musac.
In desperation I tried to contact the local Innaloo office, only to go through the same painful charade. Is this a plot by the Government to drive aged pensioners into thinking they are going insane? (Which they probably are after repeated attempts to contact your office)
How does one get to speak to another human being in Centrelink without being driven insane?

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Topics forum Reply to topic Centrelink Innaloo
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