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I used Horsham Kwik Fit.
I just wanted a oil and oil filter changed as i've only just bought the car and the oil was black as hell. The car only had its MOT 50 miles ago in March.

On the 12th April Kwik Fit Horsham told me i needed 4 new tyres, two bulbs and the tracking done. so i gave the go ahead on two new tyres, bulbs, and the oil and filter change. and that's what i was billed for.

When i got the car back i was shocked that the steering wheel was no longer straight and the oil was still black as hell. I've reported Kwik Fit Horsham to trading standards and watchdog.

My advice to anyone thinking about using this corrupt garage, is to go to a local garage that's got a good reputation and get to know them, they will be happy to have your business.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Topics forum Reply to topic Kwik Fit Horsham
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