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Just bought a new Honda CRV with Garmin SatNav.

According to Garmin and Honda there is no option for adding speed cameras.

This is crazy, even the cheapest sat nav can provide this feature.

I have asked Honda if this was an oversight or if they didn't think it was important but as yet I have not got a straight answer.

So if you see someone driving a Honda with a built in Garmin and a TomTom Go attached to the screen you will know why. Twisted Evil
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Yes you are right. I bought the same car but the dealer told me it does not have speed camera alert. It made me disappointed.

R Dollins


Post Re: Garmin Navigator in 2016 Honda CRV     
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I have the same problem - appalling situation needs to be resolved. How do we go about it? Can GPS Data Team help - thousands of disappointed Honda Customers, and of course Garmin customers.

Roger Dollins


Post Safety Cameras Honda CRV Sat Nav     
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I have the same problem no Safety Cameras on my CRV 2016 model.
Absolutely furious, Honda say update not available appalling situation

Can GPS Forums provide a POI file to download?
It makes sense there are thousands of Disgruntled Honda customers out here,


Roger Dollins England



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Roger Dollins wrote:
Can GPS Forums provide a POI file to download?
Hi Roger,

We can add any file format to our POI downloads. Your dealer should advise how to add third part POIs to your device, or to give a refund if he/she sold you a device that is not fit-for-use. Your built-in GPS should do the job the dealer told it would. Loading third party POI's is the minimum expected standard for all popular GPS brands. You can contact contact Honda Customer support or your local dealership for an advice how to update the built-in GPS navigation application software.

I would try this first:
- create subfolder /POI on your SD card / USB.
- save any GPX POI file to that folder and restart your device (e.g. /POI/My_POI.gpx)
- or try the same with GPI file. Does it load?

Please let me know how it goes.

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Post Update maps for 2016 CR-V     
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I am trying top update the maps in my 2016 CR-V following these instructions. I have Garmin Express on my computer (with 2017 maps). When I plug the USB drive into the USB port in the car I am unable to download the car Garmin device. Screens on the car look nothing like the description provided on the website. HOW TO DOWNLOAD NEW MAPS???


GPS: Garmin 2598LMT

Post Money for a new map     
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You MUST pay MONEY!!! This is the main reason! I have been trying to upload POI's to my Honda Civic - no way. I got note from Honda to update maps on my GPS for $150. I am very satisfied with my Garmin attached next to stock GPS.
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Post How to add favourites to GPS in my 2016 Honda CRV     
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Just bought a new 2016 CRV Honda - GPS is unfriendly compared to my portable Garmin.
The Honda 2016 CRV Navi is pitiful. It is too time consuming to enter and doesn't have the easy use Garmin screen.
Terrible, Terrible system on 2016 Honda CRV.

Greenhouse Pete


Post No speed camera locations warnings!     
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I too have just bought a new 2016 Honda CRV with Garmin SatNav and can't believe speed camera locations have not been included!


Post like Thunderbirds TomTom 6100 to the rescue!     
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Very SAD state of affairs > _ < Likewise I was very surprised to find out Honda CR-V Garmin Navigation system was lacking what could be considered very BASIC functions! However I was lucky to be able to fallback my old GPS, fired it up and placed on it's bean bag mount, and very quickly the worry of accident black spots where no longer a concern. I look forward to my next vacation when my good old pocket GPS unit will accompany me to the comfort to whatever holiday hire car awaits.


GPS: Garmin nuvi 2595LM

Post To the rescue!     
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Honda are not the only manufacturer who do not do this. All the latest BMW Sat navs do not offer this facility either. You cannot put third party POIs in them either. Not that I would want to.

I approached BMW some years ago and was advised that they do not condone speeding. I asked "Who said anything about speeding in the ultimate driving machine".

I find myself in the situation with the latest and some consider the best Sat Nav manufactured, but have to have a Garmin Sat Nav mounted in the vehicle to give me safety camera warnings.
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Further to my last post I have been gathering intel which I would like to share with you all in the hope that some of ye folks may find what I am about to share with you as a further alternative to using a stand alone GPS system! I use my TomTom 6100 with free lifetime updates! I was looking for a Dash Cam video system and whilst I am currently leaning towards a Nextbase system and to my surprise found out that Garmin amongst other well known companys do in fact sell Dash Cam CCTV systems which in fact have speed camera/accident black spot warning incorporated with the dash cam and all work very well and cost approximately £120.00 - £140.00, which adds up to 2/3 years equivalent cost of updates. So another alternative is to buy yourself a dash cam which will not only provide you evidence that you where not at fault for an accident that without a dash cam may well have cost you your No Claims Discount. Personally I think a good solution to not only solve Honda's shortcomings! The RAC have a device called "Super HD Dash Cam" not only will this give you Speed Camera Alerts but also gives you both Forward Collision and Lane Diversion Warning System for approximately £120.00 - £140.00.



Post 2016 Honda CRV Satnav     
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I too have a 2016 Honda CRV with built in SatNav and have only just discovered this forum.

I agree with all the comments re speed cameras, just cannot believe they would be selling such a high class vehicle without them. However, at the moment, I am struggling trying to use waypoints on a journey. I am used to using Waypoints on my ancient TomTom and being able to plan a route which does not consider every Waypoint as a destination, taking me into each location and then having to reset it to take me to the next one.

I am convinced there must be a better way but cannot find anything in the book to be able to do anything different. I find the book very unhelpful anyway.

Can anyone help please?



Post Car service     
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Navigation updates can be performed by your car dealer. Ask them to update your navigation device while they service your car. That's what Tesla does for free.


GPS: Garmin Navigator

Post 2016-2017 Honda-Garmin Sat-Nav     
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I made some progress on this issue but it isn't painless. The custom POI files need to put into the Garmin/Poi folder. Then, the GarminDevices.xml file needs to be modified in place on the USB key. Two places in the xml file must be changed. A datatype must be defined and an updatefile must be defined. They are under MassStoragemode in the xml file.

There already is 1 datatype and 1 updatefile defined in the xml file for the dealer database. I just copied the two instances in the file and pasted them below each of places the dealer database definitions are located. There must be two definitions for each Poi added. Additionally you must makeup your own part number in the updatefile for which point to the location of your Poi file.

Here is the caveat, the POI's do not appear in a place where you can select them directly. You must go into categories and do a search for the POI you need. I have a POI for a hotel in Virginia that I frequently stay at on bicycle trips. Searches for this POI by hotel name resulted in no hits prior to updating the maps following Honda's process. I then modified the xml as described above, updated the maps, and then did a category search. Bang there was my destination.

This is progress but still short of my goal. I want the Poi's to appear as Custom POI's as they do on Nuvi devices. I suspect that Honda/Garmin are using a different directory structure in the unit. I am also looking for a way to upload the Poi's with out doing a complete map update.

Lastly, there is an SD Card slot somewhere in the vehicle but I can't find it. spent an hour or so today looking for it.

P.S. - Don't copy and modify the GarminDevices.xml file somewhere else and put it back on the USB key. If you do Garmin Express will no longer recognize it as a valid device.

More to come!
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