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Daniel D.


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I've heard many negative stories of discourteous and rude service about this particular outlet but I found it hard to believe that so many people could feel this way. Today I discovered there might be some truth to the claims.
I was in the Norwich office for a Vehicle Permit renewal and was the only one in line behind a customer at the counter. A woman wearing a bright yellow sweat shirt was waiting on the customer. The phone rang and without saying anything to the customer, the service provider picked up the phone. It was a brief conversation and as she put the phone down she laughed and said to anyone listening, "The lady wanted to know if we were open and guessed that because I answered the phone, we were". To my mind, while minor on content, is a breach of confidentiality. It is also extremely rude. Rather than offering good service the service provider thought it funny to ridicule the caller.
The time came for me to renew my Vehicle Permit. For the cost of over $100 I did not hear a please or thank you from the Service Provider. It is a fact that I am required to renew my permit and a fact that I have to deal with agencies approved by the Ontario Government. It should be a fact that customers be dealt with in a courteous manner. It's difficult enough to have to spend that amount of money without having to hand it over as if it is the woman's right to it. Unfortunately we have no other option but to deal with people like this. You, however Mr. Smith, do have the option of placing not only competent (she was indeed competent to the extent of the service I required) but courteous people in these positions.
The office is dirty, furniture is old, the space is small and congested. The windows haven't been cleaned in years. We, the taxpayer deserve better. Not only deserve it, we should be demanding it. It's sad, that even in small town Norwich, we get big town service (poor service) where we are taken for granted as paying customers. I hope you resolve this situation. We deserve better.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in POI Updates and Downloads forum Reply to topic MTO Office Norwich
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