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Your floral lady needs to learn some manners. Laurena or Laverne or some bitter unhappy woman who doesn't like her precious coffee break interrupted by customers placing a $100 plus order seems to have forgotten her training in customer service.

I don't want to be told to do my ordering over the Internet and save five bucks, which is essentially a way of saying go away. I don't like being yelled at by cranky middle aged women having a bad day. I don't like a frosty demeanour at Christmas from employees who should know better. Your other staff at the tills are wooden and phoney enough with their inane niceties, and this I can tolerate. I will not tolerate arrogance and rudeness from your staff who no doubt earn a wonderful salary placing flower orders and deliveries in Calgary.

Safeway is the most expensive food store in Regina. Why then do you put up with offensive staff that specialize in annoying customers?

Regina, SK

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Topics forum Reply to topic Northgate Mall Safeway Regina
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