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Tony Jones


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I have a dezl 560, which works fine - mostly.
However, now and again, when starting up, the map screen is blank, just showing "Driving North" or similar. I always know when this is going to happen, because during start-up it spends a long time "loading maps." Whenever it does that, I know it's going to come up blank. But here's the weird bit:
Once that has happened, the NEXT time I start up, the device doesn't power up at all - just stays black, no light, no anything.
I switch off for a few hours, or overnight, and it's back to normal, full mapping, everything!
Sometimes this sequence of events happens again a few days later, other times it can be weeks with no trouble, then one day I'll see "loading maps" for longer than usual, and back to the same old cycle of trouble again.
Has anyone else had this, or can anyone suggest a cause/cure?

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Intermittent failure - dezl
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