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Good day, Your site gives people searching for a Garage in Malanshof my companies number! The owner of the garage is always unavailable so for about 3 years now we have been answering calls for this Garage and have had enough now. PLEASE change the number for us!! I beg of you! Our number for 'Overal financial services' is (011)791-4904 and the 'Caltex Garage- Malanshofs' number is (011)791-4909 if you check your site you will see the blatant mistake. I have physically been to the garage and nothing ever comes of this mistake, I'm trying to run a business and this is such an inconvenience. Please help!! Cherie Boesch -



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Where is your phone listed? Web page link?
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It's not our Web page listing that is incorrect; if you search for a listing called garage malanshof ( to get their contact details) our number comes up.

Regards cherie



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Our postcode SG8 5DS maps to a road of the same name but in a nearby villiage, not in the town, on many satnavs including TomTom, Mercedez etc.

Is there a way it can be corrected?

the correct GPS is 52°03'15.9"N 0°01'37.6"W

Many delivery drivers/taxis end up where it points to on their maps eg. Bassingbourn (approximate GPS 52°04'59.2"N 0°02'19.5"W) which is incorrect.

Your Name


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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Installation Support forum Reply to topic How to Correct Incorrect Info
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