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GPS: Garmin 1450T

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I've recently purchased a Nuvi 2589LMT to replace a 1450LMT that is starting to play up.

The symptoms of the problem with the 1450 is that it's appears to be "loosing" its power connection and consequently frequently rebooting - really annoying when you're coming up to an intersection in a strange city and you know you have to turn here ... or so you think ..
I've had a quick look at what it would take to open up the 1450 and repair but its beyond my skills. I suspect its a broken / cracked power connection on the device close to where the power cable plugs into it . A pity because its a good device and has a good layout that suits me very well.

So I looked around and settled on the 2589... first impressions ..
* power up : quick to power up , screen appears within a second or so
* satellite acquisition time : it seems to take a longish time - 2ish+ minutes if it hasn't been used for a few days. It seems to acquire the satellites quickly (under a minute) if its being powered up at the same location as it was shut down earlier that day.
* Screen - this gps has the "glass type display" ( ie smart phone type glass screen ) ... after a few weeks use in various day and night time conditions, Im not a fan of it. It's simply too glossy / reflective to the point where's its almost unusable in bright daylight. I'm also finding when I'm wearing polaroid sunglasses its also not easy to read quickly. In contrast, the 1450 with it's matt type screen doesn't have the reflective issue and is easy to see irrespective of the type of sun glasses I'm wearing.
I've found its easier to not clean the fingerprints off the 2589 screen. I'm looking to buy a matt screen protector and see if this resolves the issues.
If it doesn't I'll seriously look at taking it back and swapping it for the non glass screen type - its that much of an irritation.

* Typing in addresses - the screen is easy to use with my fat fingers and is sensitive to the touch and quickly displays the responses.
* Driving maps screen display .. clear & crisp .. I've got the brightness turned up to approx 70% to provide enough contrast to easily see the maps.
Map detail : I've got it set for higher detail .. I like to get a good awareness of where I am. Night time display is also workable.
* Device speaking navigation instructions : I've got the perception that it seems to be reading out the turn / guidance instructions too late to be able to react to them in time. I tow a caravan and like to get myself set up early as its not easy to maneuver this combination quickly in traffic. I'm using my existing 1450 as the basis for comparison. I'll look to see if I can set up both of them side by side and see if this is just perception or fact. The new ( to me) format of speaking instructions to "turn at the next traffic light" instead of "turn right at Smith St in 200 metres" is ok. In a way its more accurate than using the street name but I'm not 100% sure it's better.
* Information fields displayed along the bottom edge of the screen : There are 2 user selectable fields along the bottom of the display. The left hand one shows current speed ( out of the box default) The value can be changed - sorry, I don't have the list of choices handy.
Then the name of the current road is displayed in the middle of the screen ( not able to be changed).
Then on the right hand side is a 2nd user selectable data field display. The out of the box default is arrival time for this trip. It can be changed to a number of other values eg current time, time duration to arrival etc.

One aspect I'd strongly like to change is the actual speed overspeed display ... its signals overspeed by putting a red "tinge" either side of the current speed display (in black numerals). For me, this means I've got to consciously look at the display and interpret what's being shown vs having the speed displayed in red numerals when-ever the known speed is being exceeded. I can see this by the obvious change in colour displayed in my peripheral vision and hence become aware of it without having to "focus" on it.. My 1450 does this and its a good feature.

Currently the standard display also shows "eating place" icons by default on the map display. Personally I find this is cluttering up the screen. I'm planning to look into this further to see if I can turn this off and only turn it on when I need it.

* connection to smart phone - haven't tried this so can't comment. Likewise for blue tooth connection to phone for answering etc and voice instructions for inputting street addresses.

So .. quick personal impressions after a couple of weeks use :
* the screen reflectiveness is a deal breaker, if I can't fix this it's going back
* map display - clear & crisp
* set up - fairly straight forward
* 4Square feature - Garmin seems to make a lot of fuss about this as a selling feature . Its not something I see myself using a lot, if at all. My primary use is driving / navigation around strange locales.

Would I buy this model again ...?? Not sure .

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