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Garmin Tech Dept is anything but exceptional but I did manage to fix my DOA Garmin upon a routine map update failure - rendering the device unusable.

Here's how:

1. Back up all files to PC.

2. Format the Garmin using my computer right clicking the Garmin and then format.

3. Use Garmin express and web updater to reinstall all maps and firmware.

4. After updating, merge the files back into the correct folders and reset my user settings on the Garmin device.

5. Restore POI's and favorites using my previous backup via Garmin Express.

I can't say I'm impressed with the support with a $400 piece of equipment... I will post this to the forums and hopefully help others in the same boat. This was a routine update via Garmin Express and because the map didn't correctly install using the provided software, my GPS was completely rendered useless. Most lay consumers would have no clue how to go about fixing this and all the tech support suggests is reinstalling the map. You don't realize this is not an option. The button to do so or any map function buttons disappear when a map incorrectly installs via Garmin Express. This is the issue. And there is not a map reset on the actual device either - it's all software driven. Garmin didn't even suggest sending me a shipping label so that they would reset it for me. This is not the way to take care of your customers, folks. Please strive to improve this... :/

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Resetting/Formatting Nuvi 3790
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