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Hi guys,

I created a .ov2 file with 166 entries, but once uploaded to my GO LIVE 1005, the device claims that there are only 100 POI's in it (f.i. when I try to remove the Category). Is there a limit to the number of POIs one can define in one ov2 file? I searched the forums, but can't find any limit...

Thanks for your help,
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GPS: Garmin 760

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While there seems to remain a 100 category limit (it was raised to that number in Navcore 6 ages ago), no one I've heard has ever reported a limit to the individual POI count, and there are some folks with some astoundingly large lists out there. I used to think that one of my active categories that has 3300 points in it was big. You wouldn't believe what some other folks are running! I keep about 7000 custom points active at all times, plus what TomTom provides.
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I have over 5000 of my own pois on my start 60 but it only ever claims to have 100, don't fret about it.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in TomTom forum Reply to topic TomTom POI limit
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