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GPS: Garmin nuvi 3597

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Very happy with my 3597, but struck a problem yesterday which through a spanner in the works. Driving in full daylight, the screen was set to high brightness and Display Timeout to 'Never'. But the brightness would keep returning to 20% which was near impossible to see in the sunlight. After resetting and confirming brightness to even 100%, it would still return to 20% after a minute or two.

Then the complete reverse problem when driving later that night. The brightness kept jumping up to 100% which was very distracting in the dark.

Went back and checked that there wasn't a hidden menu I'd missed in the instructions and couldn't find any mention of this problem in this forum so did the obligatory Google and found references to needing to set the Current Time to 'Automatic'. It appears that unless this is checked, the unit gets confused and doesn't know if it is meant to be day or night.

Have done a couple of short tests and this appears to have resolved my problem. Although with the explanation, I understand the association (of time and automatic dimming), I would never have found this setting without others having shared the resolution.

Yay for forums!
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GPS: Navi 1490T

Post Garmin nuvi 3597 - Screen Brightness Randomly Changing     
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JB, is your clock on 24HRS time? may sort the problem out if you can see if it's on AM, or PM..
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I had this problem when I first bought my 3597 this week...did a system boot and it is now working more random dimming



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How do you do a system boot?


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You can do a System Restore via settings / Device / =

A system boot is the same as turning it off and on.....
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Thanks for the tip - the same thing happened in my Garmin Nuvi 2598. I have done as you suggested and changed the time to automatic and, hey presto, it seems to do the trick. It's about time that Garmin provided a handbook with all these details!!



Post Random dimming     
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Setting the time to Automatic seems to have worked for me too (Garmin 2598) Thanks for the tip, guys!! I was just about ready to return the unit to Costco!



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My nuvi 3548 screen faded randomly and after changing the time to automatic and a reboot it appears to be fine. Very grateful to this forum for the answer


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Post Reset worked for me     
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Worked for me also. Thanks
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Post nuvi 2597 random dimming     
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Add me to the list of positive results (Nuvi 2597), just got the unit yesterday, did the software upgrade and the random dimming. So far, it stays where its suppose to. Thank you!!!!



Post Random dimming of Garmin navigation     
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Here on holiday in Wales I also had random dimming (nuvi 3598). This is the first blog which came up after searching (in Dutch) for this problem. And it seems to work for me too, thanks everybody!!!



Post bightness nuvi 3597     
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Thanks! Almost ready to smash the unit when I found this forum!! Automatic time does it.



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Many thanks for posting this! My first Garmin GPS, 2 days usage, and thought it was a lemon!! The automatic setting makes sense but do wonder why Garmin have not made this a default setting. Thanks again!! :



Post Crazy screen dimming     
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Thanks for this. Yesterday was crazy trying to find the issues while driving in crazy traffic in Sydney! Have just reset time and timeouts.



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The answer that keeps on giving!! Having put up with the screen dimming while driving in the UK (with minor annoyance) it became truly unbearable while on holiday in the US. It seems to work.

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