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GPS: garmin nuvi 2797

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Hi there
At the risk of alienating myself for my technological stupidity, could someone please illuminate me on the idiosyncrasies of POIs in the Garmin world.

I had the old tom tom poi process down pat, but this Garmin is a worry.

My device is a nuvi 2797 lmt

What type of files should I use (wav, Mp3 etc)?

If I download POIs will they overwrite or delete Garmin product?
(I have signed up for Garmin speed cameras and I don't want to erase or corrupt them)

My main aim is to use POIs for petrol stations of my choice, boat ramps and other specific POIs. While I am paid up for speed cameras, I only really used it on my old Tom Tom.

Sorry if I sound uneducated in this stuff, my field is mechanical engineering, electronics is just black magic to me.

Thanking you in advance
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Have a read at the URL below, explains all.
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Hi There;
I did read the instructions, not in this specific post, but one very similar.

It may sound quite simple, but My question stands.
If I add POIs will it overwrite the Garmin safety camera file?

Also is my device a 2XX which requires wav or something else?

Sorry to be so dum, but as stated my field in mech eng

Your Name


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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Installation Support forum Reply to topic Nuvi 2797 lmt poi data
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