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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 265WT

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Garmin 265W. Have successfully added (all USA) and tested (a couple of) the 'Safety' POIs. Did not seem like I got enough warning before the red light cameras, so I wanted to know the best way to increase the proximity distance.

I downloaded the .BMP, .GPX, .CSV, and .WAV files. I am not sure I need both the .csv and .gpx - any help here?

I now see that there is a .GPX file in which you can specify the proximity. But I was under the impression that the .GPX file is not really needed, only the .csv? Any truth to that? If true, then I do not see how you automatically set proximity with just the .CSV file.

I notice on the POI Loader app that if you elect to do the manual process, then you are prompted for speed and/or distance for proximity for both the .csv and .gpx files (assuming you downloaded both). But you are also prompted if you would like to "ignore this file?" both for the .csv and the .gpx. I have no idea if I should be ignoring either of the file types.

To sum up, below are my questions:

Which file types do I need for my model GPS? .cvs or .gpx? Both?

What method is used to alter the proximity alert distance, from the POI files (web or POI Loader).

If method to setting proximity alerts is based on the files downloaded from the web, do you use the ".GPX with proximity setting"? What if the .GPX is not even needed for my device - in this case I don't see a way to set proximity distance from the files on the web.


Took a peek at the .csv and .gpx files I downloaded from the web (i.e. GPS-Data-Team). Nothing in either file about proximity distance.

Reading some HELP on the POI Loader app, it looks like it says that if there is no speed/distance proximity information in the files, for redlight cameras, if you change the POI name from "POI.gpi" to include the word "redlight" then Garmin some how sets a default proximity distance of 400 meters. Not a path I'd like to take, since dealing with more than just cameras. But as far as the POI Loader goes, I don't see it creating a default proximity distance if you simply download the .csv/.gpx which do not contain proximity distance within the files.
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Quick answers:
Q1-A1 either GPX or the CSV, BMP, wav/mp3 files. the later , all 3 files must be together and same name for files., POI loader from Garmin will merge the 3 files to a GPX file. That's why it is either GPX vs. 3 files.
Q2-A2 POIloader will give you the option to set the distance or the speed, meaning if you are setting POI for Redlight, it is going to be "alert if speed is above 0" or something similar. If it is Speed camera, it is preferred to be alerted by distance. So you get enough time to react.
Hope this helps. Very Happy
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You can set the warning distance BEFORE downloading the file.
Select the GPI or GPX file and then set the distance if the default distance in not what you want.
If you do it via POI loader, you will have to set distances for every file you download if you are altering the default distance of warning in multiple files during upload to the GPS unit.
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Thank guys. I was seriously struggling with downloading and installing the right files onto my device. But after reading the above posts, it all made sense. Like they were the missing piece of my puzzle. Thanks once again!!!!


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That guys was a good instruction in loading POI Data
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