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On switching on my Garmin 1350 (Miss Garmin), I was prompted to update my maps as it was 12 months since last update. I installed the new updates and firmware, but have found a few errors (one is mine). It seems that it freezes on route, it stops responding. So you have to pull up in a side street to reboot it. It happen on James Rouse Drive and I should of turn on to the M4 to Sydney, instead I went across Parramatta Road (Granville) into an industrial estate (don't laugh). I rebooted it and headed towards Sydney. On my way back at Broadway, Miss Garmin froze again and as it was 2.30PM (School time), I couldn't stop anyware. My third freeze up was when going to Wetherall Park. It took ten minutes to boot-up, the GPS would stay in PC Connect, so I was half way up the road before I could see the map displayed and had to pull up to set my destination. On the way to Wetherall Park it froze and I pulled up re-booted and waited and waited for the maps to reappear. I decided to disconnect the USB cable and run on its internal battery. I don't know why Miss Garmin keeps freezing up when you set a designation as I works OK otherwise. The other problem with the slow re-booting was that I used the USB cable from my Gator Dash Camera, And it seems that Miss Garmin doesn't like the Dash Camera underneath as the GPS keeps losing the satellite when placed too high up the windscreen and loses reception. My wife calls the GPS "Miss Garmin" as the voice drives her mad. And the TomTom is called Mr TomTom.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Installation Support forum Reply to topic Garmin Firmware upgrade 1350
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