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GPS: iphone

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Have downloaded the German LPG points of interest and have added them to CoPilot on my IPhone.

CoPilot finds the POI's ok, but "stalls/hangs" when integrating them (2332 pois)

Any ideas on how to rectify?


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GPS: Samsung Galaxy Note 2, rooted, PACMAN ROM, Copilot Live Premium

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I don't think its the problem with POI. A correctly written programme is not supposed to hang whatever data are supplied, unless it is the filesystem fault causing the problem at the operating system level... In any case, try it again, then call Apple support. An alternative is to use Android in which case you can get plenty of support from the development community.

I would guess Apple will recommend to reformat and reinstall everything on your phone. It is a standard procedure with unknown faults.
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Just a thought, is it possible that you are running out of memory, flash or RAM? There might be a way of checking it on Apple.


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Since the CoPilot update to I'm unable to add poi's as in the past. The program wont start with any new poi's added and they have to be removed in order for the app to start.
Am I right? Any fix for that?
Should I just switch to another software?

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in CoPilot forum Reply to topic Integrating CoPilot POI's
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