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Ive only gotten as far as in the Garmin POI Loader as...

Please select where you would like to save your custom POIs:

Please select a folder for saving your POI file:

I made a folder on me external hardrive named "Garmin GPS" then selected it.

Please select the folder where the data files can be found:

This is where I'm stumped. What am I supposed to select here? An actual folder on the GPS when connected to the computer or what? Ive tried selecting differnt things but it just says " There are no data files in that folder. Please specify a folder that contains at least one file with a .csv or .gxp extension."

Thanks in advance for any help. As you may already have noticed... I'm not very good at this stuff.



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Ok right after I posted this I tried again to select the GPX folder on the garmin and it worked. IDK If that is right but It excepted it. Now I'm having trouble downloading the POI files. When I click browse for folder or whatever it doesn't show the Loader as being in the folder that it is. I know its there because when I go through My Computer etc... I can find it.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Installation Support forum Reply to topic Having trouble downloading "POI Loader"
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