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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 1690

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I have Street maps and Topo Maps should I just have one select? or both
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GPS: 1490T

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You will find you can turn the maps on or off as you please (I suspect from your comment that you have found this by asking what map should you use) However in settings than maps than info you should be able to turn the various maps on and off
Give it a go and see what you think?
Besides the Main map I run Ozz topo, shonky maps and tracks australia on a 1400 Garmin,
Sometimes I will have Tracks Australia and Ozz Topo on together as there are variations and the overlay shows this, sometimes both are out to where I am.
The only problem comes when you activate the contours in that at a zoom out look the contours tend to be too close together, but that is a simple fix to turn them off, See what works for you

The other problem is that when Topo maps are activated and the main turned off the auto routing does not work, but than I only really use the topo when off road and on bush tracks
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in SatNav Discussion forum Reply to topic What Maps to select
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