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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 2595

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I have downloaded from gps-data the speed cameras files and the wave sounds alerts and the bmp image and i named them matching each other as follow

C/programme files,Garmin,POI Loader,
and the poi loader has SOX file
still the sound alerts doesnt work ,
Do I have done something wrong ?
Do i need to delete the old POI that came with the Gps , it will delete all the POI
what is wrong , any help please , thanks
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Try using the .MP3 sound file instead of the .wave sound file.
Would be good if manufacturers stated what file types were needed in different models. Would save a lot of experimenting, and keep customers happy.
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1- download your favorite Poi files in CSV extension, you will find it in a Microsoft Excel extension and put them in one folder
My poi ( main folder)>speed cameras(sub folder)
2-download SOX.exe and MAKE SURE that sox.exe (version 14.0.1) to let the sound wav alerts work and unzip the it , then copy sox .exe file ONLY and paste it inside Poi Loader folder like this
3- MAKE SURE that Poi Loader.exe and SOX.exe in the same folder like this
C >programe files>Garmin>Poi Loader>SOX.exe
4-download any bmp image u like suitable for speed cameras or red cameras for example and put this bmp image in the My poi folder
My poi ( main folder)>speed cameras(sub folder)>bmp image for the speed cameras
5- any sound alert suitable for the the Poi files , ie ; for the speed cameras and should be in wav extension , only new Garmin units support wav sound , if you have the sound in mp3 , convert it with any programme for sounds convert before you put it in the main folder ( MY Poi )
so you will have 3 files inside the Main folder
IMPORTANT .. MAKE SURE that their names match each other , to let the sound alert work , so for the speed cameras, you will have

Speed.Camera.csv ... that is for the poi excel file

Speed.Camera.wav that is for the sound alerts or sound warn that u like to hear on approaching the speed cameras on the road

Speed.Camera.bmp that is for the speed camera image that u want to show on gps screen

6- Go to the folder option and view folder , and uncheck ( that is after you uncheck the hide extension for known the files type ) and this is very important step to not double the end of the names of your files inside the main folder

these are wrong extensions




the correct names are ( that is after you uncheck the hide extension for known the files type )


7- now open your Poi loader and browse , main folder , choose manually
,then next put the suitable distance that you like the sound alerts you before and next , finish

8- unplug the garmin usb cable from your pc and restart your gps
9- to let these sound alerts work uncheck the garmin speed camera that buit in or that came with it
10 - tick or check the poi that you recently add by going to your gap setting >categories
now the sound work fine in your gps
I hope it will be ok , next time will be with the speed alerts ,

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