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Hey, it looks like you could be the shiny torches in an otherwise dark internet here, fingers crossed. I've one of the above, it replaces my car's standard GPS which was adequate but nothing magical. It also had issues with Bluetooth, but that's outside the scope of this post Smile

And hello all, before I forget.

Essentially, it's a Kenwood that does Garmin. Garmin themselves treat it as a ginger haired step child which is damn annoying. Long story, but to give you an idea, their technical support email form has a space for serial number which is one character to short for the head unit serial...

So before I get stuck in and start downloading things and fiddling about, does everything we see here work with the above unit?

many thanks Smile
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Hi ianbradley

I have a Kenwood DDX4032BT with the 430 add on GPS unit and have never had a problem using any of the files pois, map updates etc with the kenwood units.

I originally contacted Kenwood for assistance with the unit but was told that garmin support it, contacting Garmin was told Kenwood support it. So i then took it upon myself to discover. Found that most anything relating to Garmin worked on my Kenwood (rebadged garmin) unit.

Hope that helps.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Kenwood KNX7120 BT (Garmin) question
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