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GPS: Garmin 3590

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Hello - I have today bought a 3590LMT SatNav.

I know it's early days, but I have been using a Snooper Syrius 600 for the past 5 years and the delight of that was/is - you plug it into the PC via USB - it all updates cameras etc automatically and twice a year you get free map updates to download.

Since opening the Garmin box and visiting this forum it almost appears you have to be a programmer, hacker or some kind of geek just to be able to update POI's, safety cameras etc.

I've been downloading software all day and been presented with numerous websites that suggest a 'single file' download, only to find that you need camera.gpx, mp3, wav files or .csv instead of gpx.

My first question is this - do all Garmin SatNav users have to travel this path just to get a SatNav that's up to date?

My 3590 seems to work right away but I'm wondering if I'm missing relevant camera alerts? How would I know?

Sorry this is a bitsy kind of post - but I have read all the POI update posts and it seems very cumbersome and the Garmin website isn't exactly a helpful tool - i.e. it's a struggle to find obvious updates such as Camera update files.

It may be it's just a long way from the Snooper simplicity that's causing me to wonder why I changed to a Garmin. Early days but maybe this is a transition worth taking.

I'll keep browsing in the meantime - but if anyone can offer a crumb of confidence building??

regards Chris

ps I'm not unfamiliar with computers and software but this would be enough to put some folk off buying - maybe?
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GPS: nuvi 760

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The easiest way to keep on top of updates with a Garmin device is to register it on their website and use the "My Dashboard" link. Garmin's website will identify an attached Garmin device and update (if updates are available) your device. I will admit their downloads are very slow. The complicated procedures you describe are necessary if you want to add software other than the maps and traffic and camera alerts that come standard with the LMT version. It is also possible to edit the files if you want to manually add locations.

I hope this helps.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in GPS POI Tools forum Reply to topic Garmin nuvi 3590
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