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hi i am just wondering why some POI bmp images i download just come up in a red square?? does this mean the image is to big or something. they have the same file name of the POI all the rest work but the school zone and i created a POI file and made my own image but i made it to the size of the school zone file which is 32x32 pixels i notice most of the others are only 16x16 or 22x22 is this the problem?



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Icon size 32x32 is used on Navman devices. Some files that you mentioned were originaly created for our Navman GPS customers.
You can download some other Garmin and TomTom icons here:
Click on the icon name and SAVE AS the same filename as the POI file that you want to associate with the icon.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in GPS POI Tools forum Reply to topic POI images
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