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I bought a Navman EZY40 and registered it with Navman in November 2011 for the free updates. This registration was promptly acknowledged including a statement that I would be advised when the updates were available.

No notifications of updates ensued so I enquired using an Australian telephone number that took a long time to find. The Australian telephone number is not in Australia. Initially the person I got shuffled to denied that I had registered the product but did happen to find it when I read him my confirmation emails. He asked me to resend all my documentations, including receipts/invoices, which I did. Gues what? No action.

I followed up three weeks later only to go through the same denials and their suddenly "finding" the records of all my calls and emails. More promises to get things actioned.

I followed up again two weeks after that and; you guessed it, the same denials and the same "finding" of the records but this time it would be classed as urgent when I said that they had 24 hours before I started action with ACCC. Earlier in this thread I see that they have a history with ACCC.

This time I also asked for a telephone number of a company representative in Australia and was told that they would not give one to me; such arrogance!

In the meantime if anyone who is contemplating buying a Navman product and reading this thread, my recommendation to you is NOT BUY Navman. Evil or Very Mad

Navman Support


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Hi Vince,

I represent Navman and I'm sorry to hear that you've been dissatisfied with our support service. If you can send an email to Navman with your full name, the email address you registered with, your device serial number, the name of the store you bought the unit from and the date and the receipt number, I will investigate for you whether or not your registration was successful and if your claim to free maps was valid.

When you fill out the registration form and receive an email, this is not confirmation that you are eligible for the promotion, only that your details have been received.

If you let me know the details above, I would be happy to investigate your claim for you.

Kind Regards,
Navman Support


GPS: navman 75t

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I have also just brought a Navman after using a TomTom for many years and find myself also disapointed, I have a Navman 75T and found on my last trip that it did not even know the Pacific Higway was drivable, this was around the top of the Blue Mountns on the way down, Sydney side. It wanted me to go around goat tracks instead of the main highway and said it could not calculate a rout for about 4K.
I also noticed that it gave no audio alerts for speed cameras once in the county. I am still waiting a reply to that enquiry.
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