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GPS: Nuvi

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Is any other user of Nuvi 3790 experiencing spurious rebooting with this unit?
Mine likes to reboot every once in a while. Updated to latest ver 4.80 of SW - no difference.
Any help would be helpful.
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GPS: COMAND SYSTEM; Garmin Nuvi 3790T

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My 3790T's screen is always freezing during navigating. Have to hold on the start button to reboot. And Just upgrade to new firmware 4.90 and hope fix the error.
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GPS: nuvi 760

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I have the same problem with a Nuvi 2460. In my case the reboot always occurs within 30 seconds of setting a new destination. At first I thought it was an overheating issue, but it is now located directly in front of A/C outlet.
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 3790t

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3790t has a similar problem.
After switch-on it ...too shutdowns and requires a restart.
The agent says it is operating normally therefore no need for a warranty claim.
But this is not "normal" in the general sense of the word.
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GPS: Garmin 3790LMT

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On thing you can try is pressing the battery icon for 9-10 seconds. Then, you will have access to checksum and infos on battery life, etc. Perhaps you will find something helping you with your rebooting problems Smile
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 3689

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I had a Nuvi 3790T that got damamaged and, as no longer available, was replaced with a "rejuvenated" Nuvi 3790.
Not as good but neither had or have the problem mentioned - to date
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I've tried every solution I can think of to solve this, save a hammer. My sat nam works fine when its on it's own battery, which doesn't last long, but as soon as its connected to any power source, which of course is how we use in in our cars, here we go with this looping. As this problem has been going on with various Garmin sat navs for at least 10 years now, you'd have thought they would have come up with a solution. Or perhaps it's deliberately inbuilt redundancy to make us buy a new one - or goto our phones! : Evil or Very Mad

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