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I have purchased a VMS Touring700HD about one month ago with the standard configuration.
I havent actually been able to use it yet as I have twice had to send it back with power problems.
Has anyone else had similar issues?
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Hi Robert,

The battery life on my VMS700HD started decreasing soon after I bought it. I had to keep it almost permanently on charge when in the car and doing 4WD (topo mapping) -- on city routing it was not so bad.

After a bit more than a year (as soon as the warranty ran out) the battery started getting so hot during charging (and during normal use) that it would switch itself off due to over temperature until it just wouldn't switch on halfway into a 4,000 km trip between Perth and Sydney.

I found it an excellent unit display wise and easy to operate, but replaced it with an Android tablet (with it's own set of issues)...
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in GPS Software and Gadgets forum Reply to topic VMS issues
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