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GPS: Garmin 1390T

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Just bought a new Garmin 2595LMT - some really cool new featuers after a 1390T including a voice activated location app - you can just speak and it will pick up where you want to go. So cool.
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GPS: Garmin2995LM

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I also purchased a 2595LMT and - am new to the POI business - I downloaded and uploaded the POIs with the uploader but the 2995 doesn't seem to recognize them - I am not sure how to get it to recognize the POIs. I downloaded the GPX format - I also installed the POI addon feature to the 2595. - and I can find the fils on the unit - but they do not appear on the map..... Help!
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GPS: Garmin 3590lmt

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I have a 3590lmt and followed the instructions here and it worked.

My Garmin (and probably all new Garmins) seem to have 2 sets of memories, one that I can get to via USB, and another that I cannot get to. For example, if I replace the current.gpx file on my 3590 with another current.gpx, the unit deletes the new file and replaces it with the old file which is presumably stored in the memory I cannot get to. To add to the existing current.gpx I have to change the name of my new current.gpx file to something else, such as temp.gpx, and copy that to the garmin. When I power on the unit it adds the new stuff in temp.gpx to the old stuff in the inaccessable memory, and then puts the combined stuff into the current.gpx file. In addition, all the stuff is saved in the memory I can't access, as evidenced by the fact that if I then delete the temp.gpx file and the current.gpx file, the garmin still remembers all the new places and recreates the current.gpx file. To delete all the old places from the inaccesable memory first, and just add new places, one must delete all saved locations from the garmin menu on the device itself.

If you are still having problems write a more detailed note explaining what you did exactly and if I see any errors I will tell you (unless someone else gets to it first! Smile
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Garmin 2595LMT
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