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GPS: Garmin Zumo 550

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I'm not sure that I'm downloading the right files here. I downloaded the UK speed cameras file which is all the files together but if I download just the England speed cameras file it is twice the size of the UK file which surely cannot be right.

Regards, Dave.
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GPS: Garmin nuvi 1690

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it puzzled me too, in the end I downloaded each file country by country, sorry not to be more helpful
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GPS: I9300

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I tend to use the files for each speed from each country. Messy and takes a while to download but they seem the most up to date.
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The fastest (easiest) way to get all required files is to add them to your cart (Add-to-Cart - for Garmin and RNS510 owners). We pack all selected files as a single, one-click-download DB3 ot GPI file. The file contains all added POIs, POI related icons and categories, audio and proximity alerts for Road Safety POIs, and all Private POIs from your Private POI Zone (registered members only).


GPS: Garmin nuvi 2595LM

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I am new to this site and the concept of loading multiple POI files. I have a Garmin nuvie 2595LM and just want to install onto it the Safety camera data base for ALL UK speed cameras including static, mobile, Tuvoli, etc including the sound files . When I look at the list here....

I see quite a few different formats that I find confusing. Also I understood them to be free, but when I select the top one (Garmin GPI file one click updates fast and easy) it takes me to paypal to start paying.

Can some kind person please give me some guidance on this please. I do have the Garmin POI Loader installed on my PC.

Are all the files downloaded to a directory on my PC and then installed onto the 2959LM? Are there any basic instructions on how to do this? Perhaps not here?

Kind regards and many thanks
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 255w / Riocel 7" / Xgody 7"

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i belive the "free" updates are only available if you download each one seperate, i think the all in one nice easy file needs to be paid for seperate, it confused me as well.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Speed and redlight camera POI forum Reply to topic UK camera files
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