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My address is Fulbrook Road,Wirral CH63 9HT.
Off my road is Fulbrook Close, Wirral CH63 9HU.

Type the CH63 9HT postcode into a satnav (tomtom and garmin to my knowledge) and the directions take you past my road and in to Fulbrook Close.

Its driving me crazy-how do I get it corrected

Co-ordinates are




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How do I go about changing how our postcode location appears on sat nav maps? We live down a footpath and satnav puts our postcode placed on a road, vaguely near but not near enough for people to find us (about 7 minute walk away).

Our neighbours postcode is correctly placed on the map.

Just to add, our postcode is NR19 2BL, and our neighbours - to one side are NR19 2BH and to the other side are NR19 2BQ

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Technology forum Reply to topic Incorrect Postcode
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