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I'm a little shocked at the small size of the POI files. I thought they would be heaps larger.
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csv files are relatively small, as they don't have all the unnecessary formatting.
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The CSV files are tiny as they are just flat text separated by comma's.

Its a great way of storing and sharing spreadsheet data without all the extra bulk that comes with applications such as Excel
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GPS: Navman

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It could be actually even smaller - I've recently found out about NAC (aka Universal Address) which store the geographical positions in the form of two strings of letters and digits (e.g. H5Q2R R48PF - Eiffel Tower). The brilliant thing about this geocoding system is that it is almost indefinitely scalable - the more precision you need, the more digits/letters you use as each character represents a fraction of the area described by the previous characters (i.e. H5Q2R is contained within H5Q2, which is contained in H5Q and so on.)

In a real-life situations you wouldn't need more than 10 characters (as 5+5 characters give you the precision of ~3 ft).
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in POI Updates and Downloads forum Reply to topic Download size
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