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GPS: Nuvi 265WT\Droid X

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I have a Garmin 265WT and used it all the time until I got my Droid X. Main reasons are I find the Garmin traffic data to be lacking to what I get on Google maps especially non major roads. Also why carry 2 device when one will do.

However Google Nav does not have the flexibility to add Red light camera when I go to areas that has them.

What are other folks using here on site? Beside Tom Tom and Garmin on their Android phones?
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GPS: GoogleMaps,TOMTOM

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When in a bind I use my android nav. I used to use co pilot . It works pretty well.
You should be able to get the redlight kml or one of the csv's and convert it to KML so you can add it as a layer on your navigation using Extra POI Editor Googlemaps KML option (GPX POI Edit for GPS enthusiasts).
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 255W

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My SAmsung Galaxy S2 came with Navteq as a standard. I think I will continue using my Garmin 255W Sad
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GPS: TomTom Go 715

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I've used the Google Navigation that came with the phone a couple of times.

The first time it never seemed too sure which way I was pointing, but knew I was traveling in the right direction. Consequently, it would repeatedly correct itself.

After installing a free App called Smart Compass I found that the compass was way out, but could be calibrated.

I tested it again and it was much better.

The text to speech synthesizer struggles with unusual names, but it's free so I shouldn't be too critical.
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GPS: Samsung iphone i900

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I have a samsung galaxy si9000 which I updated to the latest operating system ice-cream sandwich. Since updated the operating system the phone is no longer able to use the free navigon software that came with the phone. The error message is

'This version of NAVIGON MobileNavigator is only for eligible devices as listed in the application description on the Android Market. Your device does not qualify and therefore cannot run the application.'

Does anyone have a work around for this? Is it simply the new operating system and if I revert back to the previous FRODO will it work?


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GPS: Huawei Blaze

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Google maps and Navigator work okay as long as you have a good data signal and it's free:
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I use mapping real time tracking software

I particularly like that I can practically fully configure all the user interface to suite my personal requirements.

I understand that Google has the best traffic information because it gets it data automatically from people using ther Android phones when in traffic. ie if you not moving or a going very slow you are in a traffic jam.


GPS: Tomtom One IQ Routes

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I have just installed some free apps which now have UK and USA maps . A back-up if I get problems with my Tomtom and has a neat interface to Google for finding start and end locations. Lacks many of the finer point in Tomtom, for instance there is no planning feature. But for zero cost very good!
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 765, Garmin 3950LMT, Garmin 2455LMT, Navman40, Garmin StreetPilot 3

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The phone navigation is useful as a backup if your GPS fails, but will not be as fast and as easy to see/use whilst driving. They may reach that level in a few years but not at the present time.
Have a HTC top of the line phone, and nowhere near as easy and goos as a dedicated GPS (Garmin 765) that I use all the time.
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GPS: Garmin 265WT

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Both my Garmin GPS and Motorola Droid X2 with Google Maps are accurate and at the same time each has its own limitations. I find Garmin to be more current with traffic but Google maps is more detailed with what is around the destination.

Also, the GPS has trouble getting a signal when leaving an underground garage (which sometimes sucks when you need to know to go left or right out of garage) but the Droid X2 (Android 2.3.5) has a much stronger signal underground. Same issue at times in the Holland/Lincoln/Brooklyn tunnels where the phone lose signal but the GPS receives full signal.
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GPS: samsung galaxy s3

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I'm using Tomtom on Android. It works fine but still don't have the camera alert warnings that was avilable on Windows Mobile version of tomtom.
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GPS: igo

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In fact, I use local Navigation software like KLD (in China). It's really good to me especially in the southern China.
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GPS: Garmin nuvi 3597

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I've tried a couple of different Android Apps, but keep going back to Navigon when I need GPS on my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note). It is bundled from Samsung, so default installs, but I find it easiest to use and relatively intuitive.

Must admit, I only use the phone when I have to. Prefer the full GPS when I can. My GPS of choice is currently Garmin Nuvi 3597.
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GPS: Garmin dezl 760

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Prefer full gps functionality,phone is temporary solution,every device must do its job
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GPS: Galaxy Note 2

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I have been trying a lot of phone mapping apps to substitute for my Garmin 78s because the Garmin is too hard to update the basemap.
You would think that Trimble would do a good app, but sadly it is very poor and tries to lock you into their website.
The best one I have tried so far is Maverick. It has a cache for offline navigation, can cache all sorts of sources including OSM and you can easily save the tracks. Not many tools for analysing the tracks, but that's OK for me. I just need the GPX dump. Not very good elevation data even though my Galaxy Note has an altimeter and they claim to support it.
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