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GPS: Garmin Nuvi660

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Is the nuvi 3760t an old model and is this getting replaced soon, I have just brought one and have been told this model is out of date
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GPS: Navi 1490T

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nüvi® 3790T
Multi-touch glass navigator
speech recognition, nüRoute™ Technology with myTrends™ and trafficTrends™, 3-D terrain view, multi-touch glass display, Real View Advanced Lane Guidance, Bluetooth® wireless, FM lifetime traffic, widescreen, preloaded street maps for Australia and New Zealand, speaks street names, Where am I?, photo navigation, ecoRoute™
Garmin still has them on there product list for $ they can't be too old. I think you may have been given a false tip some how...
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi660

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thanks that made me feel better
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GPS: Garmin 3790LMT

Post 3700 series will be replaced with new 3400 series in 2012     
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I bought mine 2 months ago, it's sad to hear my device will be out of date soon (2012). Garmin will replace the 3700 series with the new nüvi 3400 series.
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GPS: Garmin 3790T

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Let's hope the new 3400 series has improved reception strength. My 3790 easily loses satellite signal in cloudy days or city areas where there are tall buildings.
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GPS: Garmin Nuvi 3790T

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the latest model can be found in Garmin USA.

After comparing 3400 with 3700, 3700 has its own feature, so it will not be out-date so soon.
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Not impressed with the Garmin 3790t due to the failure rate.
I have 2 working units but it took 4 units to get there.
That is a 50% failure rate and the warranty return on the last unit took 3 weeks.
Garmin USA have a good reputation but as many have commented the Australian support is pathetic to non-existent.

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